Salou rules out changing the location of the market in winter in the short term

The Salou market will continue in its current location, in Arquitecte Ubach street and surroundings, for at least three more years. A proposal arose some time ago to move the street market to a more central location during the winter months, when the presence of both customers and stalls is drastically reduced. The City Council promised to study the measure, but for the moment it rules out moving the Monday market while the current concession, which expires in 2025, remains in force.

As explained by municipal sources to the DailyIn view of the new concession, "the City Council assesses the possibility that the dealers' market has different locations depending on the season." The current concession, which entered into force in 2010, ends in 2025, although it can be extended for another 15 years. Juan Benítez, president of the Association of Art Dealers, explains that the change of location for the winter months “is an ever-present demand. The Salou market is not well located, it is too far away. In summer tourists still arrive, but in winter it is very noticeable that there are no people and many stops fail. In this sense, the proposal would be to recover the old location that the market had years ago, on Via Roma and around the Municipal Market.

"Would be ideal. We would all win, both the paradistas and the center. Taking the stalls there would mean giving more life to the Municipal Market and to the businesses in the area, as happens in other places like Tarragona or Reus », he defends. That is why he assures that they will continue working to get the location changed. Likewise, another demand that the paradistas have to dynamize the street market of Salou is that it incorporate the sale of food. "It is something that Salou lacks and that in other markets helps to have more visitors," says the spokesman for the dealers.

“We would all win, both the paradistas and the center. It would mean giving more life to the businesses there», Juan Benítez (President of the Association of Dealers)

Of the hundred stalls that are planted on Mondays in Salou, barely a quarter are counted in the winter months. “It is a market very focused on tourists. The people of Salou do not come here to buy. There is no such culture. In addition, there is a lack of incentives, such as having fruit stalls," says one of the stallholders at the market, who runs a store in the center of Salou. He himself sets up the stall only until the beginning of January and then does not return until March, when he lasts every month of the year in other coastal markets where he works, such as the one in L'Hospitalet de l'Infant. Regarding the option of moving to the center, it is a proposal that he welcomes, although he doubts that they can all fit in the space around the Market.

"We proposed closing in the months of January and February, because it is a ruin, but the City Council refused," says another of the paradistas who has an intimate clothing business. «It would be positive to move to the center these months that there are no tourists if that means being closer to the people. In the end, there are many customers who don't get there except by car”, she laments.

rate reduction

From the association they appreciate the procedures carried out by the Economic Management area of ​​​​the City Council to reduce the rate they pay for their stops, "which was one of the most expensive in Spain," says Benítez. After months of negotiation, the paradistas achieved a 25% reduction, which is close to the amount paid in the markets of the rest of the towns on the Costa Daurada, although it is still higher.

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