Rueda de Berà empties the most conflictive 'squatter' building

After many months of fighting, Roda de Berà Town Council has managed to vacate the fifteen floors of building number 2 in Plaça Martorell this morning. A dozen Local Police officers, two Mossos d'Esquadra public order patrols (riot control), and two more citizen security units have participated in the action, supporting the execution of the eviction.

This has been the first squatter eviction carried out with the new Protocol for evictions and occupations, recently launched, which incorporates protection measures to improve care for vulnerable people.

The eviction, which has proceeded without incident, was authorized by the Contentious-Administrative Court number 2 of Tarragona alleging safety and health reasons. The sentence of execution was notified last week to those affected, who had been occupying this building irregularly for some timeand they were living in an unsanitary situation and endangering the nearby neighborhood due to illegal connections.

For a long time the incidents that have occurred in the building have been continuous, causing insecurity problems in the northern part of the urban area. Irregular connections in the electrical network had caused many different power outages in the neighborhood due to overloading and excess consumption, and residents have suffered health problems and riots.

Once the neighborhood complaints were collected, the municipal technicians carried out an inspection at the end of last July, cnoting that the building did not meet the safety, health and habitability conditions required by current regulations. All the houses, which also lacked the habitability certificate, were declared uninhabitable and On August 17, the eviction of the houses was ordered by resolution of the mayorwith a period of three days to comply. After these days, the occupants did not leave the building, a fact for which a dispute was resolved. forced execution of the eviction, authorized by the judge on October 19.

Once evicted, The building has been fully insured and fenced, to prevent anyone from gaining access, and so that there is no danger to the neighbors of the adjoining houses. The electricity supply company has cut off the supply and a collaborating company has been in charge of cutting off the water.

There is also no possibility that anyone can irregularly connect to the gas supply. External cleaning and locksmith services have also been contracted. All derived expenses will be claimed from the properties, two individuals and a vulture fund, which owns thirteen of the fifteen floors.

During this week, from The Tarragonès County Council has been reinforced with two more technicians from the Social Services of Roda de Beràto respond to the needs that could arise as a result of unemployment, despite the fact that of the fifteen homes only two families are users of Social Services.

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