"Rodents have occasionally appeared in the Llibertat de Reus, but the matter is being dealt with"

Some restorers have found rodents in the vicinity of the Plaza de la Llibertat in Reus and some residents say they have seen "the occasional small rat". «They have been occasional appearances. When we found any or saw signs that there might have been, we notified pest control and that's it”, explain some of the restaurateurs consulted. "I have seen a little girl cross the street, but it was only once," he tells the Daily a neighbor of the city who used to move around the square.

The Reus City Council, for its part, recalls that, through Aigües de Reus, they have a preventive plan and continuous surveillance for the control of cockroach and rodent pests in the city. In the case of rats, the treatment "contains rodenticide or a trap is placed, depending on the incidence." Investment, say municipal sources, has increased "slightly" in recent years, allocating around 100,000 euros a year. The plan establishes control actions and frequencies in the application of products throughout the capital of Baix Camp.

In the surroundings of the Plaza de la Llibertat, municipal fountains continue, the "usual treatment" has been carried out, with a monthly intervention. The last one was on October 17th and the next one was last week. As regards specific actions in the area, on October 20 a specific intervention was carried out in the Plaça de la Llibertat - Carrer Ample section, with the corresponding treatment and follow-up. This section is exactly where the restorers have been identifying these animals. «Rodents have appeared occasionally in the Llibertat, outside, but the matter is being dealt with. In fact, the other day we found out that the City Council sent some workers to the located point and that they had identified the burrow”, they say from the Racó del Cugat, without alarm. "They don't bother us. The first time we saw rats was in December 2021 and in summer it was more visible, because since there was a terrace outside the establishment, they were more visible, ”they continue from the business.

On the other hand, from the neighborhood association they say they have not known anything about the subject: "We have not received any complaints." Restaurateurs from other parts of the square have not found any cases either. From the City Council they point out that, in the case of this past summer – "with particularly high temperature weather, and this autumn, with a lack of rain and very mild temperatures" -, the presence of pests has been seen "slightly increased, despite the reinforcement of the actions that have been carried out”. Even so, the notices received by the alert and surveillance system "have not increased significantly compared to previous years."

The dirt caused by bird droppings in different parts of Plaça de la Llibertat and the presence of pigeons on the terraces are other sources of complaints from cafeterias and residents of the area. Complaints increase during the summer months.

Temperature and lack of rain

This past August, on the other hand, the presence of cockroaches and rats was also a publicly formalized neighborhood complaint by neighborhood representatives from peripheral neighborhoods. An issue that was aggravated by high temperatures, lack of rain and incivility. Leaving the garbage bag outside the container, for example, was one of the most repeated situations when neighbors explained problems related to pests.

Some residents of the city said they had found insects and rodents even in homes. The restaurateurs described, at that time, the cockroach infestation as "a nuisance" and the neighbors indicated that the notices were managed "quickly, luckily." The residents of the La Pastoreta neighborhood stated that "the situation is not a novelty this summer" and the president of the association, Puri Flores, pointed out that "pests do not usually appear in new buildings, but our neighborhood has old apartment blocks ». When the neighbors found an infestation of cockroaches in the neighborhood, "we reported it right away" and "they soon started treatment."

The president of AV Zona 5, Elena Barquero, commented, at that time, that "the neighborhood is full" of cockroaches, there are some floors "very affected." The president of AV I de Maig, Eduardo Navas, explained that "we have both rats and cockroaches in homes" and that "although they do maintenance, the matter does not stop." Navas celebrated that pest control reacts "quickly", although incivility makes the situation "difficult". «There are people who throw things on the ground and that is complex to control. Dirt attracts insects and rodents », he lamented.

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