«Reus was a commercial, cultural and health reference and has lost it»

Sandra Guaita will attend the 2023 municipal elections in Reus as head of the PSC list. She will do so as a result of the resignation of Andreu Martín, who will continue as councilor and spokesperson for the municipal group and remains linked to the project. To her, this area will not be foreign at all. Just in 2021 she left the act of councilor after a long career in municipal politics to focus on Congress. On the trip back to her city, from which she has never disassociated herself, she promises "transformation and relaunch" and that "civil society gets involved again."

He accepts the challenge after stepping alongside Andreu Martín.

It is obvious that, if you are from Reus and have been in politics for a while, you are excited to run for mayor. Not only to achieve it, but to transform the city.

And it is incorporated just seven months before the elections.

The situation has been this but I was a councilor for almost ten years, I have also been a deputy, and I have never disassociated myself from the city or its people. We will press the accelerator as everyone will.

Will yours be a continuation project with respect to Martín's?

As such, the socialist project was worked on jointly, it is choral and we all feel part of it. It's going to stay the same because it's well defined. Change the candidate and that will give it a slightly different focus.

How will you combine the new role of mayor with that of deputy in Congress?

As usual. Three days a week I am in Madrid and four, here. Is the same. When I am here, I have exclusive dedication to Reus. In Madrid, I also work for the city.

And what does it contribute from Madrid?

When I left the City Council, that meant that we had seven councillors: six in the municipal group and one in Madrid. In the State Budgets, issues claimed at the infrastructure level have been reflected. There is the issue of the Airport, the intermodal, Bellissens, the N-420 or the Reading Center. That Sandra Guaita is in Madrid is not something minor.

After Llauradó (ERC), Pallarès (Together) and García (Cs), you are the fourth female candidate. What do you think about this?

It is a political and social abnormality that, in the XXI century, there is a first female mayor in our city. It should not be like that. I am proud to be the first.

Are a mayor and a mayor different?

More than mayor or mayor, what is different are the people in general. For example, Andreu and I have nothing to do with each other and it's not because we're a man or a woman. Perhaps the way women do politics is a little different because men are marked by masculinized social roles and we have another perspective.

Reaffirms the goal of 10,000 votes and eight councilors.

Totally. There are socialists all over Reus, we will question them and they will mobilize. It is the goal that Andreu set, it is ours and, from there, upwards.

What is your proposal?

We will present it later, but people are clear about what they vote for when they vote socialist. We have governed for 32 years. It is transformation and relaunch, as always. In the same spirit as the mayors who came before us, we want to do it. We people from Reus are proud of the city and we want civil society to get involved again. We ask everyone to vote, because we are the only alternative government. The other two candidates are already there, they are continuity.

In 2019 they tried a leftist pact that did not work out. In the current context, is it more viable?

We will go out to win, I say it without hesitation. Then, the citizens decide and challenge to make pacts and we will see who we will govern with.

Martin had all the current councillors. Will they have a place, now, in his list?

We have not worked on this issue yet. We outline the project and then define the names. We must have people capable of governing and leading different councils.

What problems do you see for Reus?

There is a more ethereal one, which is the perception that people have of how the city is. People say that Reus is off. We were referents in the cultural, commercial and health fields and now we are not at all. Reus has always made herself and must recover that. But, beyond this idea, there is also the particular: the insecurity, the dirt... There are complaints. Reus must start again.

How has the city changed since the PSC lost the government?

12 years ago she was paralyzed. Has she gotten worse? If there is inaction, she falls back while the rest advance. If you ask the population about a city project they like, 99% of people will mention a socialist one. These people have been governing for 12 years and nobody knows what they have done.

What would be your first decision if you are mayor?

I haven't really thought about that yet, but I do know that I want the city to want to lead the south of Catalonia again.

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