Reus, Vila-seca, Salou and Constantí come together to create a public company for funeral services

The mayors of Vila-seca, Salou, Constantí and Reus have announced this Thursday, November 10, that they are working on a joint collaboration formula that will make it available to the citizens of the four municipalities a public offer of funeral services, of proximity and quality and with public prices.

The preliminary studies carried out to date have shown that the most viable formula for the provision of the service is that of a municipal company, of a supra-municipal nature, in which the four town councils participate. The company would be open to the adhesion of other municipalities in the future.

In a press conference that has taken place in the facilities of the Reus Municipal Mortuary, Pere Segura, Pere Granados, Òscar Sánchez and Carles Pellicer, have defended the conviction of the institutions they preside over that public, joint and close management is the best way to offer quality services demanded by citizens, especially in a sensitive specialty sector such as funeral services, governed by a legal framework of free competition.

Carlos Pellicer, Mayor of Reus, stated: “We want to share our experience in the management of funeral services through a supra-municipal society, of a metropolitan nature and wholly public. In Reus we have been offering funeral services to citizens for almost 4 decades through a municipal company and it is from this perspective that we are promoting a new management formula thanks to joint work with the municipalities of Vila-seca, Salou and Constantí, to whom We appreciate your involvement."

Pere Segura, mayor of Vila-seca, has stated that with this project “we recover the public management of a basic issue from the origin of the municipality, such as the farewell of the deceased. A joint project that will surely result in a better service and benefit for citizens.

Pere Granados, Mayor of Salou, considers that “Salou City Council wants to improve the management of the municipal cemetery and make it sustainable and efficient, providing a quality service from the public side. For this reason, the Salou Government team has sought management alternatives, reaching the conclusion that it is possible to achieve sustainable and efficient management if the City Council intervenes in the economic activity of funeral services, through a public commercial company, with other adjoining municipalities that suffer from the same problem, thereby reducing costs for users of the service”.

For his part, Òscar Sànchez, Mayor of Constantí, thanked "the generosity of Reus and the rest of the municipalities that has allowed us to join this public and beneficial initiative for citizens".

The deputy mayor of Reus, Noemí Llauradó, also attended the press appearance; government spokespersons and other councilors from the municipalities involved. For its part, Montserrat Flores, councilor responsible for the Funeral Services division of the public company Reus Serveis Municipals, explained that the entity's next step "will be the transformation of the Funeral Services Division of Reus Serveis Municipals, to transform it into a new company, is shared by the different municipalities that want to be part of offering these services to citizens. On the part of the rest of the municipalities, plenary agreements will have to be taken to start this new path.

Presented the initial agreement to work together, the four municipalities are going to study from now on the best formula for joint collaboration. The administrative processing of the new entity will be a guarantee for all member institutions. The works will continue in the coming months.

It corresponds to the plenary session of the respective city councils to start the file to prove the convenience and opportunity of the municipal public initiative for the exercise of economic activity through the constitution of the supra-municipal company.

Likewise, a study commission will be constituted in charge of drafting the report justifying the convenience and opportunity of exercising the activity in free competition with the private sector, as well as the concurrence of the legal requirements for its provision through the supramunicipal society. .

The coordination of the administrative processing of the file will be carried out by the general secretariat of the Reus City Council.

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