Residents of Coma-ruga denounce the insecurity they suffer in their streets

The residents of La Creu de Coma-ruga denounce the insecurity in their neighbourhood. A situation caused by lack of police patrols, occupation and lack of public lighting, among others.

The situation is not new and last June the neighbors had a new meeting with the mayor, Kenneth Martínez, and the Councilor for Security, Luz Ramírez, to remove what is an unsustainable situation.

They point out as a source of conflict a group of occupied houses in front of the Pla de Mar school. Those houses were never sold and a few weeks after they were finished they were looted and occupied. Mossos and the Local Police have carried out interventions in the surroundings of these houses.

But the neighbors regret that nothing has been solved. They assure that it has gotten worse, which generates unrest in the neighborhood and parents with children at school.

railway colony

It is not the only sticking point. The occupation of flats in the railway neighborhood of Sant Vicenç de Calders and insecurity and fights at the train station they would also require greater vigilance. These are situations from years ago and the neighbors regret that since the June meeting they have not seen actions in favor of security.

"In the last 5 years we have witnessed robberies, fires, occupations, assaults and vandalism." The reaction of the residents on occasion has managed to avoid occupations, but they point out that you cannot live with that uneasiness.

They demand from a greater police presence to the boarding up of the occupied houses in front of the school, the installation of security cameras in the passage under the railway that joins Calle Estació with Avenida Parlament de Catalunya and that this passage is illuminated all day. They add that there is public lighting and maintenance of the interior streets of La Filla del Mar and Sol Solet.

But six months after the meeting they explain that "The situation is worse now and is getting worse every day". In October there has been a succession since the breaking of vehicle windows and what they consider to be an action by a group of young people who from the station go to a nightclub, to drinks in the park on Mare Nostrum street, theft of car catalytic converters, fights in the streets and new attempts at occupations.

The neighbors created a WhatsApp group to communicate in the event of possible incidents and alert in the case of observing strange movements Last Wednesday, thanks to that social network, they avoided a new occupation.

"To our fate"

But they regret that the City Council has left "conflicts to our fate, since it is our physical and psychological integrity, our houses and our vehicles that are at stake and receiving the consequences of the lack of security in the neighborhood"

The answers of the City council do not foresee an immediate solution. Regarding the occupation of the houses in front of the school, the council indicates that they belong to the Management Company for Assets Proceeding from Bank Restructuring (Sareb). To increase the lighting or the cameras received the answer that it is being worked on. What is most worrying is that there are not enough police reinforcements to increase patrols.

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