Rescued a woman who has broken her hip in L'Ametlla de Mar

A woman has suffered a serious hip injury after falling in La Almendra de Mar while she was walking along the Camino de Ronda, in the Punta del Águila area.

Bombers de la Generalitat received the notice at 12:44 p.m. and moved a helicopter with GRAE and a doctor, apart from two ground crews.

Upon arrival at the scene, they found that a group of about 20 people was walking around the area and a woman had been injured.

His prognosis is not serious, but the hip injuries have been considerable.

Finally, it was not necessary for the helicopter to move it, since the area was more accessible than had been believed at first.

The woman has been removed on a stretcher to the ambulance of the Emergency Medical System (SEM) that has moved to Punta del Águila to help the wounded.

She has been transferred with a less serious prognosis to the Hospital Verge de la Cinta in Tortosa.

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