Prison for four thieves who robbed houses in La Canonja and El Catllar

Mossos d'Esquadra of the Investigation Unit (UI) of the Tarragona police station, together with the participation of agents from the Eixample police station in Barcelona, ​​arrested four men in Barcelona last Monday, October 10, aged between 22 and 34 years old, as alleged perpetrators of two robberies with force at home.

The Mossos began an investigation at the beginning of October following two positive robberies in two chalets in municipalities in the province of Tarragona. Both robberies had been perpetrated within 48 hours of days apart and with a operation mode very similar to each other.

The first assault was on Thursday, October 6, in broad daylight in a house in La Canonja (Tarragonès). The thieves took advantage of the midday hours that they knew there was no one inside to access the property and force the entrance door of the garden. From inside the house they stole cash, various jewelry, high-end electronics and brand-name clothing. Part of the loot was packed and sent by courier to their country of origin, located in South America.

The arrests are part of a device that was established Monday in Tarragona and concluded with the four arrests in Barcelona

The second act was perpetrated two days later, on Saturday October 8, in a house in an urbanization of El Catllar (Tarragonès). In this sense, the owner of the farm reported that the alarm center alerted him that some individuals had entered his house to steal and that they had tried to inhibit the alarm. Like the first, there was no one inside the house and it was at that moment that they acted.

Upon arrival, the owner of the El Catllar home found that the perpetrators had forced the kitchen door and had stolen a large amount of jewelry, money and electronic devices. They had fled before the arrival of the owner and Mossos.

One of the detainees acted as a figurehead and was in charge of renting the vehicle with which the rest of the group traveled to commit the robberies.

As a result of the two robberies, an investigation was opened that clearly led them on the trail of a group highly specialized in robberies with force that always used the same criminal pattern. A band that had landed in Barcelona and that already had a date to return to their country, to avoid being arrested.

The investigation reveals that one of the members of the group had the role of figurehead and was in charge of renting a vehicle in Barcelona with which the rest of the group traveled and committed the robberies outside of Barcelona, ​​where they had the center of operations.

Given the risk of escape, the investigation was accelerated and with sufficiently solid data, a police device was set up with agents from the Eixample police station. On Monday, in Barcelona, ​​the Mossos of the L'Eixample police station were the ones who located and arrested the four people related to the two robberies of chalets in Tarragona.

While the detainees went to court this Wednesday the 12th and were sent to jail by court order, the investigation remains open and new arrests are not ruled out.

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