Police coup against marijuana trafficking in Constantí

Large police operation is morning in Constantine to dismantle four occupied floors where drugs were grown, the agents have confiscated more than a thousand plants and so far there are no detainees.

The device has started at 6 in the morning in a simultaneous entry into the four homes located in the Prat de la Riba street, very close to the Centcelles neighborhood.

The agents have cordoned off the entire area and have proceeded to the Simultaneous entry into the four houses, each one of them of more than two hundred square meters of surface. Once inside, they found drugs in many of the rooms, while in others there was material for drug cultivation.

Apparently these houses were not for those responsible for the plantation to reside, but only for growing drugs. Waiting for the final count more than 1,000 plants have been seized in different stages of growth. Some of them were ready in the dryer.

The agents when they have accessed the interior have also found a potentially dangerous dog Pitbull breed.

Once they have verified that there were no people inside the houses, they began the work of removing the marijuana plants and then the entire cultivation system, as lamps. cameras, fans extractors and other utensils. This has required more than four trips in a van.

When this work is finished, both the entrance doors and the different windows will be bricked up. Likewise, alarm systems will be installed to prevent a new occupation.

Those responsible also had illegally connected both the electrical supply like the water one.

The agent device has also been joined by a helicopter from the Sabadell base as well as a drone.

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