Pol Domingo and Tirlea, a fight for the right of Nàstic

There is a position that is dancing more than expected this season at Nàstic. The right side is offering a nice fight between two footballers who present the projection as a flag in their game. Pol Domingo and Alex Tirlea are fighting hard to get the '2' grana. Both have enjoyed the starting tag during different phases of the season, but nothing is decided because both have already proven themselves capable of turning the tables. The good thing about such a competitive fight is that it ends up favoring the collective because the two footballers are aware that if one lowers the piston, the other is waiting anxiously in the shadows.

The season began with Pol Domingo as a starter on the right-handed lane. During the first two days he played on the right side at a start below his usual level. Something happened and shortly after it became known that the physical state of the footballer from La Pobla de Montornés was not optimal to display his full potential. He had to stop and that opened an unexpected opportunity for Alex Tirlea.

The Romanian full-back made his debut as a starter on matchday three against Intercity. It was in a defeat at Nàstic's home in which he was dragged by all the collective doubts. That was not an indication of the level that the footballer who arrived from Alavés B would give during the following games last summer. He had nothing to do with his debut performances that followed.

Tirlea began to gain confidence within minutes. She enjoyed the undisputed label, knowing that Pol Domingo, her top competition, was out for the count. That gave her the chance to play with greater peace of mind that was reflected in her game and helped her get the most out of her. If Pol Domingo is a defensive specialist who gives the team reliability and dries up rival wingers, Tirlea is a winger with enormous conditions in the offensive phase. He has power, he knows how to associate and a privileged physique that allows him to go to the bottom line repeatedly.

At the defensive level, the Romanian was consuming an improvement as a result of the work in training. Agné made it clear to him from the preseason that this was his great deficit and Tirlea got down to work to improve a characteristic of the game that during his youth training at Real Madrid he could hardly test. Disadvantages of growing up in a bubble in which you always have the ball and hardly miss it.

They were starters in Las Gaunas

Against SD Logroñés in Las Gaunas, Tirlea and Pol Domingo were in the starting eleven. The one from La Pobla de Montornés acted as a center back, while the Romanian occupied the right side. Both helped to achieve a victory that saved Raül Agné from dismissal. The experiment worked, but both were aware that their fight was in '2' because in the center of the rear if Quintanilla, Trilles and Josema are fine, Domingo is only an emergency solution.

Against Bilbao Athletic and Castellón, now with Quintanilla available alongside Josema, Agné decided to bet on Pol Domingo ahead of Tirlea, rewarding his good work as a centre-back. He relocated him to the right-handed lane in which the youth player brings that capacity for resistance that the team is so grateful for. In both games he faced two wingers with a lot of overflow and that perhaps made the Nàstic coach prioritize the defensive phase over the offensive.

Now it's time to visit Real Unión and everything indicates that Pol Domingo will repeat on the right side. Agné usually makes few touch-ups when the team wins and less on the defensive line. Tirlea will have to wait for his moment. He is the third player in the squad with the most minutes, so the coach's confidence in his possibilities does not admit suspicion.

The fight on the right side is served, Pol Domingo and Alex Tirlea go all out. Nàstic is the great beneficiary of a fight that adds up and a lot for the collective.

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