Plaseqta activated due to a reaction in a TGN company

At 4:00 this Friday, the Civil Protection of the Generalitat de Catalunya has activated the Plaseqta in the pre-alert phase for an event at the Global Talke company in Tarragona. It is the same company in which some pallets containing calcium chloride caught fire last Tuesday.

No person has been affected.

The reason is that, having rained, the debris and ashes from the fire have reacted with the water and carbon monoxide has been released.

The Mossos d'Esquadra have come to the place to monitor the area and recommend people to stay away from the place.

Firefighters from the Generalitat (has moved eight vehicles to the scene) has appeared with an excavator that has helped to remove the debris to stop the reaction. Later, they have distributed earth and sand.

At 5:51 the Plaseqta pre-alert was deactivated.

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