Plaça Corsini in Tarragona will have a pergola before the summer

The installation of the pergola planned for Plaça Corsini is closer than ever. It is a matter of weeks before the Tarragona City Council puts its construction out to tender, after last September the municipal plenary session approved a credit amendment that has made it possible to dispose of the 150,000 euros that the tent is worth. It is a project highly claimed by the residents and which, throughout its processing, has encountered endless obstacles that have caused its execution to be delayed for more than a year and a half. With the project elaborated and finished, with all the favorable reports and with the financing guaranteed, it seems that Plaça Corsini will not have to spend another summer without shade.

From the Empresa de Mercats, the organization that has pushed forward the proposal for the pergola, they assure that the municipal technicians are now finalizing the specifications to bid for the construction of the works. Once the work has been awarded, the execution period could be extended by about six months.

The pergola project will be remembered for having encountered many obstacles along the way, which has caused a significant delay in its implementation. Firstly, due to the unfavorable reports that were issued by the municipal departments and, later, once this part was resolved, the proposal ran aground with the Generalitat de Catalunya Fire Brigade, who had to give the go-ahead for a matter of exits from emergency. The icing on the cake was the rise in the price of materials, which increased the cost from the initial 90,000 euros to the final 150,000. Finally, it was necessary to find a way to finance the pergola, since the City Council did not have budgets. The formula that was found was a credit modifier, which was approved at the end of September.

«We can barely pay for electricity and, at the same time, we are talking about spending 150,000 euros on a pergola»

Didac Christmas. President Emp. of markets

“It has not been a quick and easy process. The problem with the project is that every time we needed to change something, there were consequences. For example, if Emergencies told us that the pergola required more height, we realized that, with this action, we were compromising the entry of light into the installation. So, we had to do a redesign. The project has changed, but the initial essence has been maintained”, explains Dídac Nadal, president of the Mercats Company and Councilor for Commerce of the Tarragona City Council.

It should be remembered that the winning proposal to design the pergola was umbracle. Some of the details that have been revealed are that there will be vegetation covering a good part of the structure, as well as granite benches with flower boxes, as rest spaces for citizens. The installation will have low-consumption lighting in its structural axis and will be located right in front of the modernist building. The pergola must coexist with the market on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and with the terraces in the square.


It was the same residents who, when the place was urbanized in 2016, urgently demanded a shaded space in Plaça Corsini. They claimed that it was a hard square, with too much concrete, and unattractive. Those responsible for the Empresa de Mercats at that time undertook to install a pergola. That was a few years ago and, the truth is that perhaps the concerns and needs of Corsini's environment have changed.

Proof of this is the little pressure exerted today, both by the residents and the merchants of the city. In fact, the same president of the Mercats Company did not quite see it clearly either. «We are having a very bad time with the rise in prices. We can barely pay the electricity bill and, at the same time, we are talking about spending 150,000 euros on a pergola. It is as if, in my house, I do not have money to pay for food and I change the pool, "says Nadal, who wants to make it clear that this is a personal reflection. Be that as it may, the pergola will be a reality during the first half of next year.

The City Council already has credit to make investments

The City Council already has a credit of more than 12 million euros to be able to carry out investments in the city. This is how Mayor Ricomà explained it to the rest of the corporation, yesterday in plenary session. Some of the investments could be the new Sant Pere i Sant Pau gym and the Banc d'Espanya project, among others.

On the other hand, also in yesterday's plenary session, a credit amendment was approved, after the City Council found out that the reform of Canyelles street will be financed by Next Generation funds. With the money released, about 316,000 euros, the infrastructure item will be filled, greatly diminished after the damage caused by the rains in Santa Tecla.

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