Passion for telling stories on the big screen

At 28 years old, David Aymerich has reason to be euphoric; the short film Onlyby director Alberto Gross Molo, in which he has participated as a producer, is one of the 11 candidates who, among more than 60 proposals, will fight for the nomination for the XV Gaudí Awards from the Acadèmia del Cinema Català. It could be a reason to brag. But he won't; Those who know him know that he is a discreet young man who is not given to any type of excess, especially when it comes to externalizing his emotions, which contrasts with the passion with which he approaches his work and his life and which has already led him to fulfill some dreams.

Although he has spent his whole life in Tarragona, he was born in Els Pallaresos, in the bosom of a working family: his mother was employed as a shop assistant in PortAventura and his father, in a concrete plant that closed with the 2008 crisis, so who suddenly found himself unemployed, a situation unknown to him that he fought by opening a cafeteria. He has a 23-year-old sister.

Without the resources to study at a film school, David taught himself

A good student, he spent his childhood and adolescence at the Colegio de las Carmelitas, where he studied from Primary to High School. Even then he felt a passion for cinema, a hobby that he had a lot to do with the stories that his mother read to him. «She encouraged me to read, and after immersing myself in a thousand stories she gave me the desire to tell my own». However, he listened to his mother – “study something serious and then you'll make movies” – and opted for the technological Baccalaureate, although he later switched to the humanities. When he finished high school and already with cinema between his eyebrows, he decided on the Audiovisual Communication degree at the URV. "At home there was no excess or resources to go to the ESCAC film school," he says with resignation. But that would not be a brake. Disillusioned because the career "had nothing to do with the cinema," he began to look for the information that interested him on his account. Thus, self-taught and with the help of the internet – "I didn't know anyone from the world of cinema" – he read the best books to learn, soaked himself in everything related to scriptwriting, cinematographic structures and narratives. audiovisual. And with that baggage and money that he had from his grandparents to study a hypothetical master's degree, he launched himself to capture on the screen an idea that was in his head and that became his first feature film, The sweet taste of lemon. It was not an easy adventure; he handled all the roles, including seeking funding. Only his tenacity and enthusiasm explain why a rookie like him 'signed' an actress of the stature of Elena Rivera, then already famous for being Carlitos's girlfriend in Tell me. She also appeared in her life, like a fairy godmother, the actress Mercé Rovira. «She made me discover how she could shape the whole universe to shoot a movie, she helped me with all the casting, with part of the technical team...». And, after four years of hard work – “each step was like climbing a mountain” – The sweet taste of lemon It hit the movie theaters. «It made me very excited. Instead of looking at the screen, I spent the entire movie watching the audience's reactions. What a relief, their faces looked interesting!

It was the beginning of a career that does not stop. With post production The sweet taste of lemon discover the world of the documentary, a film format that allows you to tell stories in another way. Thus, in 2018 he wrote and directed the documentary the size of timewith a script by Javier Barón. The great reception that this work had in Tarragona opened the doors for him to deal with local stories, such as the documentary focused on the Seguici Popular de Santa Tecla, 700 years and one daypresented in 2021, or the tribute to Eduard Boada.

In parallel, between 2019 and 2020 he embarks on the production and direction of the documentary 3,450km, from Montblanc in the world, that recounts the adventures of the adventurer Adrià G. Mercadé around the world accompanied only by his saddlebags and a bicycle. The production won the Mañé y Flaquer Prize for Tourism Journalism.

Behind-the-scenes cinema isn't as glamorous as people think; there are many hours in front of the computer

But David, who has always displayed great maturity, knows that "living from the movies" is very complicated. That is why he set up – in the midst of a pandemic – the AYHE production company, which allows him to combine film projects with work more typical of a communication agency, offering videos for companies, among other services. "You have to eat, although if I didn't like something I wouldn't do it."

Although no one has given him anything, he is grateful to life and considers himself "lucky." Discreet and loyal, he maintains childhood friends and has just married Gemma, a nurse who is his lifelong partner. He met her at the age of 15 and at 16 they began her relationship, to move in together at 24.

Lover of European auteur cinema not at odds with popular tastes –among the films he likes, he cites Drive, The minimal island Y cousins– says that «cinema from behind the camera is not as glamorous as people think; there are many hours in front of a computer, with dossiers, spreadsheets... », although the emotion with which he speaks betrays his passion for this art.

Embarked on several projects, such as Northan Icelandic film, and the feature film March 14also from director Alberto Gross, dreams of that call that will announce the nomination of Only for best short at the Gaudí Awards. And then, what has to come. David Aymerich assumes everything with enthusiasm but with calm and discretion. Working on what he likes. A luxury.

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