Passengers demand more staff and reopen empty premises at the Reus train station

«I went to the station to look for a ticket because the website did not work and, when I arrived, in two of the three ticket offices there was a sign saying 'out of service' and the third was empty and with the light off, although it was around twelve of mid day. I came home without being able to buy it", complains Gemma Capella, who denounces that "it is serious that this happens in a regional capital".

It is not the only one that has been seen in this situation. Passengers on the infrastructure lament that, on occasion, "nobody attends the window because there is not enough staff" or "queues form that end up making you miss the train." They ask for more staff to provide the service because "not everyone is clarified with the machines." And they also claim to revitalize the facilities that, "over time, have become dead." The lobby has accumulated empty premises for nearly a decade and the traveler only has a cafeteria, a tobacconist and a car rental point. The Bellissens project, which will provide the city with a second station, highlights the precarious state of the Paseo Mata station.

“At least now they have installed machines to get and validate the ticket and that is good because, before, you came and sometimes there were no workers, so people got on the train without a ticket,” says Adelaida Marcos, who goes through the equipment daily to go to work in Barcelona. And it is that, “if you asked, they told you that maybe the partner had gone out for a moment, he was in the bathroom or it was his break. I had to agree with you and, if you called the phone, you didn't receive any answer either, in addition to the fact that the web usually has many problems », she specifies.

Consulted in this regard, Renfe sources indicate that the window hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and that there are three employees, in shifts, assigned to that position, in such a way that "there may be one in the morning and two in the afternoon or vice versa." They specify that "logically, they have their breaks as appropriate" and that, therefore, it is possible that punctually, as they say, they have to wait a few moments.

But this is not the only obstacle encountered by passengers who get on or off in Reus. Marcos points out that "the hours of passage of the trains are not up to date either and there are convoys that are not adapted for people with reduced mobility." "The station has become a bit dead and people arrive simply to catch the train and leave, because there is only one cafeteria that is not overcrowded with employees and they do what they can," he indicates. And he says that «since they will build a new station, at least this one is good».

The perception of another user, Aroa López, is similar. “It is true that the station is very dead”, she values, and comments that “I have seen the atmosphere very few times, people are passing through”. In the vacant premises, "it would be nice if they opened some food and drink to buy because trains are often delayed and the cafeteria is not always active," says this passenger who travels to Barcelona on weekends. "A kiosk would also do a lot of people good," she says. In the living room a couple of machines are located sale with soft drinks and water, and that's the only thing beyond the bar.

And for Anna Zaragoza, a medicine student in Reus who returns to Vinaròs on Fridays, "the station is quite soulless" and "when there was no season ticket, there was a queue at the windows, although now it seems to me that it is more agile ».

Edgar Ardiz, from Vila-seca and who works in Reus, laments that "there is not enough staff to give information." «In my case, I can see the destination station of the line but not the scheduled stops along the way and, if I stop to ask, it has already happened to me that I don't have time to catch the train because I'm queuing», expresses, and highlights that "these are things that need to be improved".

"If I go to Riudecanyes, some trains stop there and others don't and, more than once, because I couldn't check it, I ended up in Falset," he recalls. To avoid disaster, "the only way is to save shift and ask, because one day there will be an information worker on the platforms, but it can't handle so many passengers." And “I have also found the windows closed and I have had to search the internet or go on an adventure,” he explains. "The feeling is that there is a lack of personnel," details Ardiz, who believes that "it is something generalized in the station."

As for the empty premises, according to the information publicly offered by Adif, one of them covers 29 square meters in the lobby and is oriented to daily activities; and there are two others in front of it whose dimensions would be around 15 meters. Outside, embedded in the façade, there is a space of about 24 meters and three docks located on the other side of the tracks would also be free.

Previously, the infrastructure had had points of sale for mobile phone accessories or trinkets. At tobacconist number 6, one of the three establishments that are in operation, they admit that "if there were more activity at the station, that would benefit us all because people call people."

An area awaiting renovations

Plaza de la Estació, Passeig Mata, Calle Ample and Plaza del Condesito are facing a profound urban transformation whose full execution will take ten years and seeks to give more prominence to pedestrians and bicycles. If, currently, about 45% of this area is reserved for mobility on foot or pedals and the remaining 55% is covered by the car, the government intends that up to 80% becomes for pedestrians and bicycles. The intervention includes a new high-capacity underground car park on the promenade. Thus, the station environment would lose its parking function and gain a kiss and ridea taxi accumulator, loading and unloading and bike lane.

Fix the accesses before creating the Bellissens pass

Waiting for the new Bellissens train station project to materialize, which will be accompanied by the creation of a city passage under the tracks, the residents of the southern area of ​​Reus ask that more effort be put into the maintenance of existing accesses.

The president of the Associació de Veïns I de Maig, from Mas Pellicer, Eduardo Navas, recalls that "weeks ago we reported that a section of the wall attached to the tracks had fallen near the bridge that leads to the parking lot of the URV campus But it hasn't been fixed yet. Adif promised to intervene imminently to solve the situation of the wall, despite assuring that it was not dangerous, and "I passed two days ago and saw that it is still the same as it was," Navas denounces.

The neighborhood leader has already demanded on previous occasions that "at least the safety, cleanliness and lighting" of the half dozen tunnels and walkways to cross the railway line that are concentrated in a few kilometers be improved because "we already have these and they don't get the maintenance they should." On the passage of the city of Bellissens, Navas values ​​that "they would have to dedicate the budget to social purposes because that is really necessary, not as another access".

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