Pain and glory (Nastic 2-1 Castellón)

Lately in soccer, too much importance has been given to little arrows and little to statistics. Yes, it is good to play nice, but it is also good to know how to play your cards. Castellón dominated with the ball, had chances, but lacked fang. Nàstic knew how to resist, defend themselves and nailed two of the three clear chances they enjoyed. One in a delirium action by Joan Oriol and the other in a strategy that Bonilla culminated as only his left foot could be. A prestigious triumph. A knock on the table. He had to suffer and then win. Raül Agné's men storm the play off.

Raül Agné always comments that he is a devotee of identity teams and organized parties. Castellón responds perfectly to the first, to the second nothing. The orellut team raised an open grave duel from the first moment. A hellish runner in which the wire was close for both teams. He is a leader who plays with the restlessness of a team in the middle zone. He does not contemplate, he goes with everything, as if the points were a simple decoration.

Castellón appeared at the Nou Estadi without complexes with Fabrizio leading the charge. He did not leave anyone indifferent. He continued to fall in love with his people, he frightened the granas from the beginning. He was a whirlwind who, together with Kochorashvili on the other band, made the field very wide.

During the first minutes there was no truce. Both teams came out impetuous and in a match climate that interested Castellón more, but Nàstic went to the duel with their faces uncovered because they do not contemplate looking small in their fiefdom. The two had the opportunity to take the lead on the scoreboard, but they wasted two very clear chances.

The first was for Castellón and was generated by Fabrizio. It was all power on the left side, he started and ventilated rivals. He left Pablo Hernández alone at the penalty spot. The orellut captain had everything to score, but the geniuses also fail. He threw her out with Manu already contemplating the crime scene. He gave wings to a Nou Estadi that was already seen below on the scoreboard.

It only took five minutes for Nàstic to respond. The red team found the crack in Castellón's Russian roulette, but wasted the bullet. Pablo Fernández did it all, but he clouded over again in that part in which he does not finish doing justice to the rest of his football. The Asturian striker ran wild with the ball and left alone after leaving the Castellón defender in nothing. He could define or wait for Guillermo who arrived already savoring his fifth goal. He decided the latter, but executed poorly. The pass was long to the despair of all. The play continued and Robert Simón hit it with his left foot in the front, but he miraculously missed the crossbar. That was a warning, but it should have been much more.

That occasion did not let go of Nàstic, rather it made him aware of what was ahead. He tried to pause the game, but it is difficult to do so against a team that recovers the ball quickly and moves you without it, although he does not speculate. The result was an uncomfortable red team and a Castellón who played their game with confidence.

Nàstic was fully involved in that resistance exercise that has embroidered so many times. Castellón was in control, but the truth is that they had stopped reaching the final meters cleanly. The prize was found at 40' in a play in which that future was not intuited. Manu Sánchez placed a center that flew over so much that it surprised everyone, including Manu García. The coin fell on its heads for the visiting side because the leather slipped into the goal to everyone's surprise. The full-back celebrated it with disbelief as a flag, but it doesn't matter to him because in football he counts if he enters and not how he does it.

If the Castellón goal had luck as its essence, the Nàstic equalizer had beauty and was also starred by another full-back. When the first part was already considered finished, Joan Oriol invented a work of art out of nothing. He picked up the brush and his mind went to the Louvre because such a goal should be exhibited there. The lane recovered the leather, dodged rivals pulling waist and talent and nailed the shot to the long post. The man from Cambril plays with the confidence of talent and years. An explosive mix that makes him more than a winger. He is the best in the category, but it would be unfair to be pigeonholed only in that role. The 1-1 at half-time might not have been fair, apparently in the development of the game, but on occasions both had enjoyed two very clear ones and had nailed one.

The second part had a start similar to that of the first with a runaway Castellón that came out in a rush. Once again he aimed directly at the Nàstic goal, but he again lacked malice in the final meters. First Raúl Sánchez had it in a one-on-one in which he took advantage of a mistake in Josema's clearance, he is human. The striker wanted to beat Manu García, but the Sevillian kicked off his right foot. Another saving stop.

The meeting was once again in a risk zone for a grana team that could only be wrapped in the survival suit. In fact, he was so focused on defending off the ball that he forgot to pause with it. Fabrizio had another very clear one in the 61st minute similar to the one he had previously served Pablo Hernández in the first half. Just like his captain, he threw it out on the penalty spot and spared the life of a Nàstic that if there is one thing he knows is to revive.

The resurrection came on the bench and with the changes of a Raül Agné who waited and played his winning cards in the final stretch. He changed the wings and put Maurizio Pochettino and Javier Bonilla in for agony. The first took a lateral free kick and the second stuck the dagger into the orellut heart. Another time that the left-handed man from Soriano produces. His sending was poisoned so much that he ended up going into the long post of Alfonso Pastor's goal. He unleashed the madness in a Nou Estadi that has once again plunged into that winning territory. Four victories in a row at home that allow the granas to sleep in the playoffs. The twists and turns of life.

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