Ordinance to fight against dog feces in Riba

“Physical or psychological violence between people or groups is rejected” or “bathing or allowing dogs or other animals to swim in public fountains” cannot be allowed. These are some of the regulations contained in the Municipal Ordinance on Citizenship and Coexistence that has come into force in Riba after no allegations have been submitted within the period of public exposure.

“One of the reasons for this ordinance is to try to avoid the problems we have with cats, dogs and other pets that go unleashed. They take them out for a walk and their owners do not behave as they should », he tells the Daily the mayor, Josep Fort.

"We really have a lot of problems," he stresses. "Some people feed cats on public roads and colonies are created." There are also conflicts in the collection of dog feces. In this sense, "special consideration will be given to the lack of sanitation and cleanliness caused by the uncivil attitudes of animal owners who do not collect the defecation they produce on public roads or in any place of common use."

This health section includes “urinate, defecate, spit or carry out other actions of lack of hygiene in places not specifically authorized. Also "throwing, abandoning, pouring or leaving solid or liquid waste in places, routes and spaces that are not those expressly authorized in regard to its deposit as they are converted into glass, plastic or metal containers."

In public fountains, it is an infraction to "water animals, provided that the type of fountain does not allow the animal to avoid contact with the nozzle, throw any type of material likely to contaminate the environment, consume or provide an excessive supply of water from the public fountains (in more than 25 liters per day) to let it waste or to use it for private use, wash clothes and objects of any kind or wash motor vehicles, trailers and/or any other transport vehicle”.

medium natural

In the forest parks, in the forest areas of common use and in the agricultural and fluvial spaces of the municipality of La Riba, especially with the aim of preserving the Brugent River Valley, it is not allowed to hunt or cut firewood of any kind without authorization ; extract moss and humus, the collection of fertile and virosta soil, or mineral elements and land in general; alteration of soil, rocks, fossils, and minerals without authorization; free camping in the entire municipality of La Riba, except in the areas expressly enabled such as the Els Almogàvers camp area and within the scope of the Refugi dels Masets.

For all purposes, overnight stay inside a vehicle is prohibited.

La Riba has suffered numerous and important forest fires in recent decades, since its municipal area is extensive and with a lot of forest mass. For this reason, it is forbidden to light a fire in the entire municipal area, except if the corresponding current permit is available from the competent administration; lighting fires outside the places reserved for this purpose and throwing matches or cigarette butts; raise hot air balloons, throw firecrackers or shoot fireworks outside the areas that are designated for a specific occasion.

The mayor emphasizes that from now on signs will be put up "and if necessary it will be sanctioned." Minor infractions are punished with fines of 200 euros, 400 serious ones and 800 very serious ones.

The former may have as an alternative or commutative measure the carrying out of repair work or social benefits by community, when the perpetrators are of working age, and participation in training and re-education activities in civic values, when those involved are younger than the working age. For minors, the express consent of their parents or guardians will be necessary.

The Brugent

Also to preserve these natural spaces and their fauna, the introduction, without authorization or scientific control, of both exotic and native animal species is prohibited.

This is especially important, given their fragility, to the pools, fountains and the water course, in which the release of any special animal (vertebrate or invertebrate) is expressly prohibited.

Tables, chairs and other utensils (such as a portable refrigerator, camping gas, etc.) may not be brought to occupy large spaces in the surroundings of the Brugent Valley. Picnics are only allowed as long as the food and drink fit in a backpack, and the residues and waste generated will have to be taken by the users themselves and it is prohibited to deposit waste on the ground or in the water.

The sports practice of canyoning and gorges is expressly prohibited, except in those cases duly authorized and communicated to the town hall.

Bathing in the Brugent and Francolí rivers as they pass through the municipality of La Riba will be carried out under the sole responsibility of the user, who must comply with the indications and signs that may impose a ban for health, hygiene or safety reasons (for example overcrowding of people).

For reasons of protection of the natural environment, bathing may also be restricted in certain sections of watercourses duly marked for this purpose.

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