Operation (platform) Casablanca of the Civil Guard

From October 17 to 26, members of the Special Intervention Unit (UEI) of the Civil Guard, the Maritime Service and the Air Service of the same State security body, have carried out in the province of Tarragona some operational practices related to the protection of critical and strategic infrastructures and maritime security, ending with a coordinated exercise, where an assault on an oil platform controlled by a terrorist cell was simulated. The platform used for the exercise is Casablanca, off the coast of Terres de l'Ebre.

The Civil Guard has deployed the Rio Segura ocean vessel from the Maritime Service, two assault boats and three helicopters from the Air Service. On the part of the participating countries, three more vessels have been incorporated.

Techniques of approach, assault and operational intervention by sea and air have been applied in simulated scenarios of illegal seizure of an oil platform by a terrorist cell.

These types of practices are part of the European Project of joint actions of elite Police Intervention Units within their respective countries, known as RED ATLAS, in which there are currently 38 special intervention units integrated into the police forces and gendarmerie of the member states of the EU, as well as those of Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Iceland.

The purpose of the Project is to improve international coordination between elite units through joint actions of several countries, promoting the exchange of experiences and good practices in situations of extreme danger and complexity.

The province of Tarragona has been designated to take advantage of the existence of the Casablanca platform, which is located 24 miles from the coastwith special characteristics and very difficult to reproduce in any other place or situation.

The Special Intervention Unit has been carrying out preparatory practices in recent months to ensure maximum success in this joint international training.

Elite police units from Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Sweden have actively participated, with observer countries such as Latvia, Germany, France, Lithuania, Holland and Bulgaria, thus making Tarragona the meeting point for elite police units in Europe. .

The UEI and its history

The UEI of the Civil Guard is the most specialized Unit in extreme risk operations. Founded in 1978, it has participated in numerous assaults and arrests in extremely dangerous police operations against drug trafficking, riots in prisons, terrorist cells, protection of personalities and the release of more than 500 hostages in kidnapping operations in situations similar to those produced in July 2022 in Santovenia de Pisuerga (Valladolid), where Lieutenant Colonel Pedro Alfonso Casado, Head of the UEI at that time, died when he was shot down while directing the device established due to the entrenchment with hostages by an individual armed.

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