Nightlife venues reinforce their security after street fights in Reus

Nightlife venues in Reus reinforce their security after street fights have taken place, albeit occasionally. It is something that the entrepreneurs of the establishments "do not worry us too much, we do not feel insecurity". In some cases, even so, "it does not hurt to be cautious." Some officials point out, on the other hand, that there has been a before and after since the arrival of Covid, especially in the behavior of some young people, who are "the ones who go out the most, by far". His attitude in full de-escalation had the goal of "making up for lost time", but often "that also meant failing to comply with certain safety regulations of the time and had to be on top", say the owners of the premises.

Street fights unrelated to the management of a nightlife venue, but produced "in their environment", have caused some businesses in Reus to add more personnel to the security team and even to devise preventive systems through a bell. «We evolved over time, we no longer have a dance area and we continue with a format talk easyunderstood today and roughly, as a bar behind closed doors. Everyone has a place in this, but we start from a more reserved approach," says the owner of The Green Dog Café, Raúl Juárez.

That touch of exclusivity offers "a more controlled environment, gives more security and privacy." Be that as it may, "it is tending to be accepted" and attracts a specific public, which "likes culture, be it music or gastronomy, because it asks for more flavors." «This group is 30 years old and above, it is a profile that is interested in signature cocktails and that has already been informed. We also offer live music, "says Juárez.

Have a “good filter”

The manager of La Fàbrica, Sam López, adds, for his part, that they have added two more people to the security team and that, between guards and access controllers, there are 14. "We have more staff because we want to avoid problems of coexistence and have a good filter at the entrance, which provides security”, adds López.

These professionals at La Fàbrica are "prepared" and two of them even have purple certificates, "for possible cases of harassment," reports the manager of the premises, who also highlights that the post-Covid period has brought some behavioral changes in young people , something that they have been controlling. “We are always alert, but we have found that many of them did not respect some security parameters when the nightlife establishments reopened. We have been working on that, especially raising awareness. We cannot control the fights that take place around La Fàbrica, but it is always safer to reinforce security in the premises”, declares López.

Stable prices and cuts

The rise in prices and especially that of the energy bill is an issue that worries, on the other hand, those responsible for the premises. Despite this, there are those that have kept prices stable. “This summer, it was very weak. Although people are coming and the streets are full, in my case, I see that those who went out to dinner, have a drink and went dancing, now cut back. That is to say, either they do one thing or another, but they don't do everything," says the manager of the Sentiments Cafè cocktail bar, Carles Pitarch. The profile of young people, which is the one that "fills the streets of the old town, comes out a lot, but the expense is minimal."

For his part, Josep Vila, from Sabana Reus, says that despite having had "the best summer in our history", they believe that energy consumption is something to take into account, although they have not raised prices either. And it is that, in nightlife, "everything is energy": "Not to mention that in addition to raising the price of ice, so did the price of glass and all of us work with bottles of liquor and many glasses."

Pitarch also states that he has noticed that people who go out for a drink do so "earlier" and that the age group they least see going out, as corroborated by other owners, is over 50 years old.

Despite making a good assessment of the summer, there are businessmen who are looking with uncertainty at the months to come. «We can predict how it will go two months from now, but not much more. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the pandemic, we will have to get used to seeing them coming », adds Juárez, from The Green Dog Café.

In another order of things, Vila values ​​that the fact that this year Christmas falls on the weekend, has "awakened the first reservations", which is expected to be concentrated on December 16 and 17. “There is movement and we believe that we can expect good influx figures,” Vila hopes.

Now the clientele "plans more" and that "serves us as a thermometer"

From The Green Dog Café, its owner, Raúl Juárez, has observed "new habits" among the clientele: "Now plan more." As a result of the Covid, that everything required an appointment, people seem to have gotten used to booking more regularly. It is something that Josep Vila, from Sabana Reus, also affirms, who has also noticed an “increase” in the requests for those reserved regarding the pre-covid season. "Normal" is that between Monday and Tuesday everything is already busy. "Customs have changed a bit and confirming that they will come in advance serves as a thermometer, of how the night will work for us," says Vila.

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