Neighbors of Montbrió demonstrate against the future sulfur warehouse

Nearly 200 residents of Montbrió del Camp demonstrated this morning to show their rejection of the future sulfur warehouse that the company Afepasa plans to locate in the municipality. The neighbors are contrary and point out that the building is a few meters from homes and a nursery. In addition, they point out that the incident that occurred at the beginning of November in the Constantí Industrial Estate –in a warehouse belonging to this same company– “gives us more strength”, exclaimed from the citizen association Contra el Magatzem de Sofre, the organizer of the protest.

The Plaza de la Vila has been the meeting point of the march, which has brought together nearly 200 people. At 11:30 a.m., and with the slogans of "we want a safe town" or "no to the sofre to Montbrió", the protesters have begun to advance along the avenue of Sant Jordi, towards the warehouses that have to house said warehouse, where they have Several posters hung at the entrance.

From Afepasa, they explain to the Daily that the right to demonstrate is respected, "but we want to make it very clear once again, as we did a few months ago when we explained to them in a public meeting (...), that the company's position is to use the warehouses de Montbrió only to store lentil sulfur, which does not cause dust or danger to health or explosion. It is added that "it has never been considered to establish a production plant in Montbrió".

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