Negotiate with the PSC or extend the budgets: the Aragonès dilemma

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, will announce this Monday the structure of his new government, after the departure of Junts and the rupture of the independence movement.

The head of the Executive has locked himself up all weekend with his team to put together a new cabinet, which everything points to will reduce ministries and in which the current Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, will gain weight, who has all the ballots for occupy the vice presidency left vacant by Puigneró's dismissal.

Vilagrà, it should be remembered, is the one who carries out the day-to-day negotiations with the Government of everything that refers to the dialogue table. It will be a monochrome Government. Aragonès has rejected the entry of the Comuns, who already warn that the executive is born "dead", and initially denies the alliance with the Socialists.

Discarded the elections, which are for the Republicans a "nonsense", the first dilemma of the new Govern de Aragonès, which will start walking this Tuesday, is to decide to agree on the Budgets with the socialists or seek an extension. Both options have pros and cons.

Agreeing with the PSC on the accounts ensures stability for the Executive, at a very complicated time due to the effects of the war. But, at the same time, it would stress the bases of the ERC and the Republican formation would lose negotiating strength in the Congress of Deputies. The pressure that Esquerra exerts on Sánchez with the budgets so that there is progress at the dialogue table would be greatly reduced. The unions and businessmen, however, press Aragonès to open up to negotiations with the Socialists.

Extending the accounts, meanwhile, would allow the Republicans to maintain negotiating strength in Madrid, but they would have to give up 3,000 million, which is what the budgets designed for next year are increased. The extension would serve Aragonès to overcome the municipal ones without Junts and the CUP being able to attack him with the fact that the tripartite has already returned. But, if he thinks of exhausting the legislature, he cannot be ignoring all the offers of the PSC.

ERC avoided this Sunday public demonstrations about the new Government. Junqueras, in a party act in homage to the militants who fought for a Catalan republic, puffed out his chest and exhibited republican self-esteem. “It is good that we reclaim who we are: the most retaliated party in history,” he said.

The first secretary of the PSC, Salvador Illa, extended his hand again. «What I am not going to do is rescue this Government. I am going to try to help so that this does not harm the Catalans. I am in this, in the rescue of Catalonia. I do not ask the ERC for anything », he assured on the RAC1 radio station. Illa, who does not want elections either, replied to Junqueras, who on Saturday stated that he has to demonstrate his commitment against "repression": "I do not give lessons nor do I accept them," he concluded.

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