Nàstic wins at Murcia and Agné saves her neck (3-2)

Raül Agné's resistance would have wanted more than one. The ability to run away from the most difficult situations. With the whole pack of critics waiting for him to be dismissed and with a morally beaten team after letting the victory in Elda slip away in two minutes, he achieved a round victory against Real Murcia. There was a comeback, a willingness to attack, chances, goals and even the return of the beloved Lupu. Not even the fear of repeating it seven days ago with Arnau's 3-2 prevented the coach from saving a 'match-ball' again.

It is true that he renewed the team of new faces. From back to front. Of course, he kept the 4-4-2 but with the most 'playful' midfield possible. He left conservative profiles and pulled his two most talented soccer players: Pedro del Campo and Marc Montalvo. A double pivot to be the protagonist. Really. To press up. Both have that tactical intelligence to defend upwards, anticipating rivals.

An attractive intention that faltered at the first change. Real Murcia escaped from the pressing grana block and found themselves with all the space in the world ahead of them. Trilles and Josema, the starting central pair, found themselves outnumbered in a counterattack led by Pedro León. The former Real Madrid soccer player made the best decision, obviously. He handed it to Aguza who gave in so that Dani Vega could face Trilles, cut it and put the leather in the bottom of the net. 0-1 before the first quarter of an hour. It was not the best way to deal with such an extreme situation.

But Lewan appeared..., I mean, Guillermo Fernández. The man from Bilbao nailed the strike of the Polish attacker of FC Barcelona against Mallorca. He put it on the stump of the archer's long stick. There where he makes any stretch barren. His third goal this year came like the previous two, in a performance that becomes great based on connecting with the balls that reach him. It's not that he's off or apathetic for the rest of the game, far from it, it's how effective he is when a ball lands in his domain. He has no compassion. Hence, the rivals impose extreme surveillance on the former Athletic player. Extreme and on the verge of legality. He finished the first half with the shirt two sizes too big due to the grabs that the referee Sergio Escriche did not see.

The Nàstic pleased. The sample is that not even with 0-1, there was a very critical response from the stands. A way of admitting that the team wasn't doing too badly. Real Murcia did not show depth. All his possession was limited to positions away from Manu García's goal. While the Nàstic appeared regularly at the domains of Joao Costa. He had clear opportunities to go into the break with an advantage. The first at the feet of Pablo Fernández. The Asturian sent a pass from Pedro del Campo to the heart of the area to the clouds. Minutes later it was Josema who finished off another shipment from the Figueres midfielder to the crossbar.

winning start

The return of the locker room was overwhelming. Two goals in two minutes. Like the Eldense a week ago. Two almost traced goals and with a proper name: Aarón Rey. The one from Ferrol did not score, but was an assistant in both. Showing off in the masterful direction of kickbacks. Safe driving and patience to find the right moment to give the pass. That window that opens in a thousandth and that you have to take advantage of. Both times he was right. In the 2-1 finding Pablo and in the second Joan Oriol. Each player's choice of finish was different. The Spaniard cut back before the arrival of the defender before beating the goalkeeper and the captain, Joan Oriol, hit a crossed left-footed shot that was impossible for Costa.

Real Murcia had gone unnoticed at the Nou Estadi. The only sign of presence of Mario Simón's team was the moment of the goal. Nothing more. The marker forced him and he had no choice but to take a step forward. He did not give to reach Manu García. Just a couple of long shots from Pedro León without much history.

Nàstic limited itself to managing the advantage. Agné was managing the minutes and the yellow cards that the referee began to distribute right and left. Especially the local players. Bonilla, Montes, Pochettino and Pol Domingo entered, but the most applauded was Lupu. With a mask, but without any kind of fear to scare off opponents. Like a superhero, the Romanian was even one step away from scoring. A defensive foot prevented it. The Nou Estadi would have fallen.

The final minutes were agonizing due to the recent memory of Elda. She felt that fear of tripping over the same stone again. Manu avoided Pedro León's goal, but he couldn't do anything against Arnau's shot. There were two minutes left of the discount and a panic spread through the stands. But not this time. Agné took the winning card out of her sleeve again.


Nastic. Manu G., Tirlea, Josema, Trilles (Pol D. 80'), Joan Oriol, Del Campo, Montalvo (Montes, 80'), Marc Álvarez, Aarón Rey (Bonilla, 70'), Pablo F. (Pochettino, 62 ') and Guillermo F. ​​(Lupu, 80').

Royal Murcia. Joao Costa, Mario (Ganet, 55'), Alberto López (Arnau, 83'), Alberto González, Pedro León, Julio Gracia (Pedreño, 55'), Dani Vega, Loren Burón (Miku, 55'), Sergio Aguza ( Zeidane, 68'), Piña and Galindo.

Goals. 0-1, Dani Vega (14'); 1-1, William (23'); 2-1, Paul (46'); 3-1, Joan Oriol (48'). 3-2, Arnau (93')

Referee. Sergio wrote

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