Nàstic wins at Las Gaunas and Agné saves the job (1-2)

Fifteen days ago Raül Agné saved his neck in extremis in Zubieta, after losing to Real Sociedad B (2-0). The Council of Nàstic gave him an extra ball, but on one condition: win the next two. Six of six. It wasn't just any challenge. The match at the Nou Estadi, against a solid Numancia, was difficult but manageable. What did not seem so easy was to win away from home. Because he hadn't done it yet this season and because away games are the Achilles' heel of the Mequinenza coach. Agné, again, achieved the unexpected. Nàstic beat SD Logroñés at the mythical Las Gaunas stadium (1-2) with a match very similar to Albacete the previous year. The team resisted the rival siege and takes advantage of the only concessions that the adversary provides. Logroñés was a brave and happy team that dominated the first 45 minutes, although without defining that superiority. But at the same time, he showed great defensive fragility, especially in strategic actions. And that, against a specialist like Dani Vidal, Agné's second and the one in charge of designing that type of play, is lethal. Two strategic actions were worth to add the first Tarragona victory as a local. Montalvo made his debut as a grana scorer and Josema, once again the best of the match, finished off the match with a header.

They did not risk with Quintanilla and Pol Domingo was the one who accompanied Josema in the rear axis. The great novelty was Lupu. In the city where he saw him grow up and in front of his people in the stands, the striker made his debut as a starter at Nàstic. The first minutes were of clear local domain. He did what Raúl Llona's team wanted. With a line of five behind, the La Rioja coach showed that beyond the drawing and the profiles of the players, it is the intention that counts. And the intention of SD Logroñés was very clear, to attack from the beginning. They had no trouble finding the corridors. They arrived as they wanted to dangerous positions, while Nàstic only had time to defend. Unzueta threatened the space with unchecks between Pol and Tirlea. Neither of them could tie him down. On the left flank, things were no better. Monroy, the right-handed winger from Rioja, arrived with a lot of space and with an advantage over the defense. On that side came the best opportunity for Logroñés. Esteban received only in the heart of the area and released a powerful shot that Joan Oriol covered on the same goal line. At the expense of the noble parts of him.

Raül Agné said in the previous one that the ball could not be left to Logroñés. And less in the internal corridors. A slogan that was not applied on the pitch. The locals played and played making the Tarragona defense oscillate from one side to the other and opening gaps in the middle that Lozano or Esteban took advantage of to try with distant shots.

In the entire first half there were only two news of Nàstic in attack. An action by Tirlea that reached the bottom line, to serve a center to the only place where there were no teammates. And a filtered pass from Aarón Rey to Guillermo that the Basque striker was unable to control when he was going to be left alone against the La Rioja goalkeeper.

The truth is that Agné's team was holding on tight. If the defense was failing, only Josema kept the type somewhat, in the middle neither Montalvo nor Pedro del Campo appeared. Only to see two yellow cards that conditioned his defensive positioning for the rest of the game. Nor did the strikers have much impact, although in their case because the ball did not reach them.

The passage through the locker room was not even painted for Nàstic. Everything accelerated with 0-1, the work of Marc Montalvo. An action that could be seen from afar. The one from Riudoms was alone, alone, in the crescent of the Riojan area. All the local players were so focused on defending in the box that they forgot about everything else. Del Campo did see it. He put it on for the youth squad to connect a left footed shot that slipped through the forest of legs.

Nàstic did not take advantage of that moment. He didn't give her time. He lacked maturity to appease the logical impulse of the locals to equalize as soon as possible. They transited horrible and gave a counterattack that Diego Esteban culminated with an unstoppable shot.

It seemed that the team from Tarragona had missed their opportunity, but no. In another set-piece action, Josema, the new boss of the defense, prevailed from above and finished off a free-kick thrown by Joan Oriol into the net. This time there was no relaxation. The third could even come in another strategic play and in a play by Pablo Fernández that Monreal cut with a tackle from behind when he went alone towards the area. It was red, but it is also true that minutes before, the referee had forgiven the second yellow to Montalvo. Two Solomonic errors. Agné's men held on and saved the 'mister''s head.

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