Nàstic doubles its visitor numbers at this point

There is a reality in the First RFEF that says that winning away from home costs a world. There the local factor prevails more strongly than ever and that leads the teams to celebrate a victory as if it were pure gold. The truth is that it is to be taken as such and Nàstic is aware of it.

Already last year it cost him a lot to get points as a visitor and this year he is on the way. In fact, his start was so disappointing away from the Nou Estadi that he put Raül Agné in the pillory. However, the Grana team has reacted strongly and has taken four of the last six points at stake as a foreigner.

At this stage of the season, Nàstic has six points as a visitor after the point obtained in Lezama this past Saturday. They are not brilliant numbers, but they are not so poor compared to those that he presented just two weeks ago. Now he has a scoring rhythm as a visitor that places him in the middle table of that foreign classification. They have only won one less victory than Murcia, Eldense and Alcoyano, who are following a UD Logroñés that is the exception away from home with 11 points already in their locker.

If Nàstic had secured that victory that they had in their hands in Elda, we would say that right now they would be among the best visiting teams in the category. Something striking and that indicates that the Grana team this year begins to be a more reliable team away from the Nou Estadi despite the fact that they only have one victory in six games away from their fiefdom.

The numbers with last year are unparalleled. They are much better and just the fact that they were not so solid at home does not keep them at the top of the table.

Raül Agné's Nàstic 2.0 doubles the number of points from last year. At this point in the season, the Tarragona team only had three points from three draws against Atlético Sanluqueño, Castellón and Sevilla Atlético.

Nàstic this campaign already has six points in its locker as a visitor. They have managed to beat SD Logroñés at Las Gaunas and draw against La Nucía, Calahorra and Bilbao Athletic. Some numbers that reaffirm the improvement of the team in its facet as a visitor, not only because of what has been seen in terms of sensations in recent weeks, but also because of the points achieved.

More scorer, less goals scored

But not only has Nàstic improved in the most important statistics as a visitor compared to last year. There are other numbers that reflect the improvement. At the scoring level, the Grana team also doubles its numbers. Last year he had only scored two goals in six games, while this year he has four goals in six games. It is not a huge figure, but it is valid for having managed to get a lot of revenue from the goals scored.

This is influenced in a certain way because Agné's team has also managed to put the wall in Manu García's goal. He has six goals in six games away from home this season, while last year he has conceded seven goals in six games. The improvement is slight, but enough to have helped the team double their records.

Second clean sheet away from homeNàstic managed to keep a clean sheet for the second time this season as a visitor so far this season. Calahorra was the first stage in which he achieved it and Lezama became the second feud in which he has achieved it. Both donuts have served to get a point.

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