More than 2,600 people sign against the construction of buildings in the Civic Axis of Salou

The members of the Associació de Veïns de Barenys - Platja de Llevant de Salou dedicated every Saturday afternoon in July and August to informing and collecting signatures in the neighborhood against the initial proposal for the development of the Eix Cívic, which proposed the construction of up to 16 residential buildings next to their homes. Yesterday, those responsible for the association delivered to the City Hall all the signatures collected, a total of 2,607. Their fight, however, does not end there and they are already advancing that they will maintain their opposition to the project as long as the construction of new buildings is not completely renounced.

"We are satisfied. It is a significant number of signatures to show that we are not four cats as the mayor wants to show, but that there are many people who are against the buildings of the Eix Cívic and there is only one person who is in favor, which is him ”, expressed yesterday the president of the entity, Rafel Querol, at the gates of the City Hall. "Everyone expected it to be a large avenue with green areas and for pedestrians and we found that all they want to do is a huge urban operation with 400 floors and commercial premises," lamented the neighborhood leader.

«We continue in our fight, because despite the fact that the mayor said orally that he was suspending the construction of the buildings, there is no document that proves it. He can promise what he wants, but he has already shown that his word is worthless, "said Querol.

Meanwhile, from the consistory they insist that this area of ​​the urbanization of the space that will be freed with the dismantling of the old train tracks is paralyzed and is being redesigned. In addition, they clarify that the listening process with affected residents and owners will continue once a new management proposal is available. "These signatures are still another element to take into account as a proactive part of the neighbors," they analyze from the mayor's office.

From the City Council they defend the efforts that are being carried out to redefine the space

In this sense, municipal government sources defend that "a great effort is being made by the City Council to redefine the entire area. Now the municipal technical services are working to capture in a new document all the proposals that have been transferred through the different participatory processes and the meetings that the residents have held with the mayor. Although they still do not detail any deadline, they assure that with all these approaches, the municipal technicians will have to validate those that are viable to define a new planning proposal that must go through initial approval again.

a new proposal

It should be remembered that, as a result of the only meeting held in the commission between the residents of Barenys and the mayor created to reformulate the project, the possibility of reducing the height of the planned blocks of flats was raised, as well as allocating a part of this area to public facilities such as a new library, a local history museum, a space collaborative worka children's center or the Escola Oficial d'Idiomes. In addition, the mayor, Pere Granados, proposed that the housing buildings that are projected be officially protected.

However, the residents deny that any agreement has been reached in this regard and reject any type of construction in this area. "The residents radically say that they do not want buildings, not even on the ground floor," emphasizes Querol, while expressing that they are not against the construction of municipal facilities. From the association, in addition, they criticize that there has been no more communication with the Salou City Council after the meeting they held on September 12 and explain that next week they will formally request a new meeting with the councilor of Gestió del Territori to meet How is the proposal progressing?

Meanwhile, the Salou City Council continues with the tender for the drafting of the Eix Cívic urbanization project. A document that will serve to define all this great avenue without entering the private sphere of buildings. It should be remembered that the Generalitat plans for the tram to pass through this space in 2025.

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