more sales than after the Fats of El Cachirulo and Industrias Teixidó

"Last year, despite being post-pandemic, we reaped the fruits of having hit the jackpot in 2020. And this year, although that factor was not repeated, we are doing even better than in 2021," he comments. Daily Òscar Bausà, responsible for La Pastoreta. The increase in sales that he notes has also been noted by other administrations in Reus, who assure that the demand for this Christmas is being "crazy" although the prizes of El Cachirulo and Indústries Teixidó are beginning to be far away. But why does this phenomenon occur?

"A possible explanation for the rebound," Bausà details, "is that lottery administrations usually perceive crises a year after they occur." "We have all been told that this winter is going to be tough and it seems that it will be, but for now, people are putting their hopes in the draw because a tenth winner can solve a lot," he says. And he says that "after the winter, if the economy worsens, maybe we have to order the priorities and this is not one of them." "In the end, we are sellers of illusions," he recalls.

"2021 was a record and in 2022, if there are no changes, we will improve it," says the manager of La Pastoreta. The interest in getting a number has now advanced and «we had the first queues in August; they are not as long as the ones when the dates are approaching, which go around the corner, but there have already been them », he specifies. And while last year "the lottery was missing and there came a time when we had to constantly ask the agency for it, because we had very rare numbers left and there were customers who asked to exceed the reservations", this time "we have made a greater forecast" Bausà points out. For this reason, "clients that at this point they no longer had, they do have."

The most sought-after numbers are those ending in 22 "because it is the current year." "Dates of birth, death, catastrophes such as floods, summer fires or the beginning of the war in Ukraine are what are exhausted before", indicates the administrator, and says that "disasters are what most calls the attention and the Russian invasion stand out in the combinatorics». Then there are the traditionally flashy endings, like "the 5, the 7, the 13, the 15, the 69." Some clients "make all kinds of formulas", explains Bausà, but "most take the tenth you give them" because "there is always that 'last year you had it, you offered it to me but I wanted another one and you were bringing me the luck'". La Pastoreta handles 4,000 different numbers. As the draw is based on 100,000 numbers, "we have a 4% chance, which is a lot, of giving an interesting prize."

"Luck belongs to the one who finds it, not to the one who looks for it," the lottery concludes. And he knows well what he is talking about. In 2020, La Pastoreta distributed 240 million euros, 180 of them in Indústries Teixidó –this year two numbers have been made that flew in hours–, with the Gordo of the Christmas lottery. In 2019, the entity El Cachirulo irrigated Reus with 320 million in shares of a number purchased in a Salou administration. "Luck, like misfortune, repeats itself," warns the administrator. Asked if he believes that he could fall a third time in Reus, he has no doubts: «For now, we have been able to verify that he falls».

The positive feelings of La Pastoreta are shared by the Raval de Jesús administration, where they indicate that "sales are very good, similar to last year's, which was crazy." And in Països Catalans they highlight that "they are doing very well". “In 2021 the demand skyrocketed and now we are noticing an improvement with respect to that, which was already a lot,” they add, specifying that “there is a great movement at the window and, above all, we sell in the territory.”

“We saw that things can happen that we never believed”

The Aragonese Center El Cachirulo de Reus has just inaugurated the reform of its headquarters on Ample Street, to which it has applied "a facelift", as its president, Josep Allueva, explains. The work has been carried out thanks to the prize that the entity distributed in 2019 through participations with the number 26,590.

El Cachirulo has about 150 members and workshops and activities are held in the space. The community, deeply rooted in Reus, has just celebrated its festivities in honor of the Virgen del Pilar this October, with a program full of cultural and folkloric events that is a prominent part of the local calendar.

That December 22, 2019 Allueva remembers it as "the day we saw that things could happen that we never believed." From then on, "it was a problem, in a good way, managing such a huge thing, which had such importance and involved a lot of people: more than 5,000 people received something." The amounts "were not very large to solve anyone's life, but some will have finished paying the mortgage or have been able to change the car," he says. And he emphasizes that the prize "was distributed a lot." After that, "September 1 arrives and there is no lottery left." Allueva recalls that "before, we had to insist to sell the shares and now it is the opposite, so we prioritize the partners." Could you play again? "Of course. If we have something, it is the confirmation that he plays », he affirms.

"Life in Riudecols is more relaxed but it hasn't changed that much"

"Many people have paid for their first home, others who were older have helped their children with the house or education, and there are also those who have been able to travel," explains Xavier Corominas, financial director of Indústries Teixidó. When, in 2020, El Gordo fell at the Riudecols company with 72,897, "it was a great surprise and a day of great joy." The committee chairman bought the number and "we think about 340 workers had it." Corominas explains that, with the award, "life in Riudecols has not changed much, perhaps it is more relaxed and the price of housing has risen, but everything has calmed down over time."

The man who has won the first prize three times in a row

The magic that surrounds the Christmas lottery leaves all kinds of anecdotes. Bausà has a very curious one. «This year we were introduced to a man who works at Renfe and who told us that he has played El Gordo three times in a row». "He snagged shares of El Cachirulo, he had an Indústries Teixidó number and, last year, the prize fell at a Madrid train station – the Atocha AVE station – and, due to his link, he also scratched tenths," he says. That man chose a number in La Pastoreta this year and "it sold out in a matter of a week, but there are still people who call asking for that number because they think there may be a fourth time."

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