More motivated and cohesive students in the classroom

The 'team building' or construction of teams is a highly appreciated dynamic and used in companies to improve the cohesion of the templates and the communication of the work groups. An initiative that we can also find in educational centers to strengthen knowledge and cooperation between students in the same class. This is the case of the Institut Montsià, in Amposta. The center, specialized in vocational training, has a thousand students and a hundred teachers and offers eleven intermediate and eleven higher level training cycles, in addition to other training such as a specific itinerary for people with mild intellectual disabilities or training and insertion, so that students who do not have ESO can get it and face their professional future (computer science, sales, electricity,...).

The INS Montsià 'team building' is part of a broader project, Emprenem, which was launched last year, according to the center's director, Carles Añó. Financed with special funds from the Department of Education of the Generalitat, as its name indicates, it is based on promoting entrepreneurship among students.

The training in 'team building' is aimed at students in the second year of the training cycles of middle and higher grades. They are held at the beginning of the course, during the months of September and October, so that students get to know each other better.

«These students, within their curriculum, have to develop projects. And we apply active methodologies, teamwork to solve problems”, explains Añó.

Thus, in the same way that private companies carry out specific teamwork training, at the institute they thought that it would also be very useful to them. «Because in the class work teams are created, but many times the students do not know each other very well, and it is positive to break the ice».

The sessions are designed by psychologists and aimed at promoting this teamwork; that the participants can see the advantages that it entails, what the needs are, and everything in a playful and relaxed way, in days outside the classroom, in the open air.

Last year the INS Montsià projects received 14 awards

This year some 350 students from the last years of training cycles participate in these sessions.

The middle grade students have passed through the Temps de Cavalls facilities, in La Galera, in an activity proposed by the psychologist Pere Clotet. The team had to reflect, collaborate and draw up a strategy to achieve a certain result with the horse. The goal: complement each other to achieve a common goal.

For their part, the students of the higher grade cycles have participated in an activity in the Tortosa Rem Club. It is a descent down the river Ebre in crutchestraditional boats where six rowers and a helmsman go. “The important thing is not to be the one who rows the fastest inside the boat, but rather that all the components row in a rhythmic way”, Añó remarks. The experience, which the Tortosa Rem Club also offers to all kinds of companies and organizations, consists of doing a "River Baptism", discovering the basic notions for rowing as a team and comfortably going down the river, from the city of Tortosa to the Modernization Center of the Club de Rem, on a route of about six kilometers. All this shows the importance of working as a team, of coordinating, going to one for the common good. "Thus, they are in better conditions when it comes to undertaking their projects in the classroom," explains the director.


The Emprenem project of the Institut Montsià is completed with training for teachers in active methodologies applied to projects; advice on entrepreneurship for all students, which is given in collaboration with the Amposta City Council and the Montsià Regional Council; and finally, with the participation of the projects carried out by the students in different contests.

The advice, which is carried out from the areas of active employment policies, provides training on business opportunities, initiative and responsibility or how to make a public presentation for potential investors, among other aspects.

Some proposals that are very well valued by the students, as reflected in the surveys they do.

All the projects that materialize in the institute are presented in contests to validate the results. Last year, for example, the center's students won 14 awards, especially in the Impuls FP, at a regional level but also nationally, or the InJUè awards from the Tarragona Provincial Council. In the latter case, INS Montsià students came second with the creation of a computer application.

Projects such as “Bon dia, com estem?”, in which students call elderly people who live alone, or the design of an itinerant parking lot for bicycles and scooters on a platform (now installed in Amposta) have also received awards.

According to the director, this methodology is bearing fruit and motivates the students. “They have many initiatives, and very interesting ones. If they have scope to be able to develop them, the results are impressive and novel », he affirms.

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