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Something is repeated in the relationship between Raül Agné and Nàstic. It looks like it's going to break, but it always survives. Last year he was close to his end on two occasions and this season so far he has found oxygen in two games (Amorebieta and Murcia) in which if he had not won his place he would have been in serious danger. However, in the moment of truth he has never failed. That shows that his dressing room is on his side because with his coach with the rope around his neck they have stood up and fought to the end, achieving a victory that allows him to continue his journey in Tarragona.

On Sunday, the Mequinenza coach's face reflected satisfaction, joy and relief in equal parts after the final whistle. He sat in the press room at the Nou Estadi with the naturalness that characterizes him. The good thing about the Nàstic coach is that he has lived them in all colors and that allows him to face moments of tension with an extra point of calm. That helps him and also the environment that is none other than his players. If the leader is seen with grounds in moments of difficulty, that is always a sign of support.

more than three points

The good thing about the win against Murcia was much more than the three points achieved. For Raül Agné and for the players there was something more. Against Amorebieta they won, but it was a victory in which great conclusions could not be drawn. The team survived, but little else. It hardly generated symptoms of recovery and optimism.

Quite the opposite can be said of the victory against Real Murcia. Opposite there was a high-flying rival who came forward and placed Raül Agné and Nàstic more on the wire than ever. At the moment of truth the brave appeared. The Grana team pulled caste and personality and completed one of the best matches that are remembered at the level of offensive play with the Mequinenza coach on the bench.

The Tarragona team displayed a fluid associative game in which all the pieces grew and found the most dazzling version of Aarón Rey and the fangs of Guillermo Fernández and Pablo Fernández. Suddenly everything was rolling and Joan Oriol's goal only gave him the necessary peace of mind to free himself from the team and show a version of the game that is close to what was proclaimed this summer. The goal in Murcia's agony was only anecdote because it didn't even give time for the ghosts of the past to appear against Eldense. Nàstic never got caught up and with the two-goal advantage, they were a proactive team that knew how to manage those last moments.

And now that? That is the question that the grana fan asks himself. At the Nou Estadi things are going well because the draw against Logroñés was not all bad and against Amorebieta it was won with a gray game, but against Murcia it was won brilliantly. The defeat against Intercity can be considered a stumbling block because the dynamics allow it to be pointed out that way. However, the objective now must be to win away. The away victory cannot wait any longer. The average of winning at home and losing or drawing away is not enough.

But not only the team that wins is asked, that obviously comes first. A more determined Grana team is expected, going for the game and not just surviving. Nobody wants to continue contemplating that face of Nàstic as a visitor. That is why that is the great unfinished business of the team that has been dragging since last year. Agné knows it and this weekend he will seek to strike a blow in San Sebastián that would give him even more air. He and the team need it. The first wave has passed, but the tide continues.

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