Móra d'Ebre, Gandesa and Falset demand speed in improvements to the N-420

The mayors of Móra d'Ebre, Rubén Biarnés; Falset, Carlos Brull; and Gandesa, Carles Luz, have met this week to address various territorial issues, a meeting that is part of the meetings that the three city councils hold periodically.

One of the main issues that has been put on the table is the widening of the N-420 road. Let us remember that the State budget project for 2023 includes items for the splitting of this road and for the projects of the Gandesa, Corbera d'Ebre and Riudecols variants.

The mayors agree that a complete splitting of the entire road is not necessary, "which would entail a high environmental impact." However, they defend the "urgent need" to carry out actions focused on critical points on this road, such as Gandesa, "where the bypass and a roundabout to regulate traffic and access the north are an urgent measure." Likewise, the mayors stress that these improvements must prosper as soon as possible and that, on this occasion, "good intentions must materialize into deeds."

Apart from this issue, the mayors continue to shape the organization of a joint event that allows young people to discover the three capitals of the Priorat region, Ribera d'Ebre and Terra Alta. It would be a program of concerts and cultural, social and tourist activities that would allow the knowledge of the three populations. In this sense, the three consistories plan to incorporate an item in the 2023 budgets to give content to an idea that had already been addressed in previous meetings.

This event is an example of the complicity and willingness to cooperate between the three municipalities when it comes to carrying out territorial policies, as they point out. In fact, during this last meeting they have set themselves the objective of evaluating how, through European funds and other aid, it is possible to promote projects and actions for the common benefit of the three municipalities and their respective counties.

Lastly, at this last meeting, recurring issues "to which higher administrations have not yet given a definitive solution" have continued to be addressed, such as the need for a quality service on the R15 train line.

The mayors have agreed to follow instinct in this demand, as well as in the demand for policies that contribute to territorial balance, the more and better training opportunities for young people and incentives to be able to access housing.

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