Memorimage 2022 vindicates social commitment and gender equality

The Teatre Bartrina will once again host the Memorimage – Reus International Film Festival, which reaches version 17 fully consolidated. The contest presents a proposal that aims to extol female talent, with a parity of protagonists between men and women on the poster.

The Festival maintains its commitment to documentary cinema that uses archive images, "which can resignify the perceptions we have about the world", according to the festival's artistic director Anna Petrus. This year fourteen titles that raise reflections on diversity and that have been programmed in commitment to gender equality will be screened. Ana Petrus is celebrating her third edition as artistic director, although Memorimage has added another differential element; Anna Giralt joins the organizational team as a programmer.

Giralt works as a filmmaker, creator of new media and researcher. She is the co-founder of Estocàstica, a production company specializing in film and technology, as well as a partner at GusanoFilms.

Within the Official Section, Magpie. red hunter will inaugurate the next edition of the event on November 8 with the presence of directors Pedro de Echave and Felip Solé. It is a film about the desire for post-Franco reparation by the descendants of one of the main repressive figures of the time, Pedro Urraca.

There are also documentaries nelly and nadinewhich narrates the love story between two women recruited in a Nazi concentration camp in 1944; men's kitchena story about gastronomy, in which the director Silvia Subirós recovers the anonymous figure of her grandmother; Back to Reimsa political production that teaches the vindication of French feminist and class struggles from the fifties to the present day and Earth Womana film essay on the experience of traveling based on the testimony of women who lived in the decades of the twenties and fifties.

The MemoriReus section, dedicated to documentary films produced within the framework of Camp de Tarragona, presents four feature films of local stories committed to the territory. will be exhibited Mirrorwhich captures the biography of Hilaire Arasa, the son of Catalan exiles who returns to Delta de l'Ebre to discover the Spain of political prisoners; sea ​​rootsa tribute to the people who have dedicated their lives to fishing in Tarragona waters; days and women (today)", a film that includes the process of participatory creation of the students of the Gabriel Ferrater Institute in Reus, in commemoration of the centenary of the poet Gabriel Ferrater and aleshthe intimate portrait of Aleix Cantón, a young transgender man diagnosed with autism who has become a public figure through his profile of tik tok.

On Friday, November 11, the closing of Memorimage 2022 will take place, where the winners of this edition will be known. D'ombres will also be screened, about the Catalan director of photography Tomás Pladevall, who invites us to reflect on the profession of cinematography and the value of archive images. The film's director, Joan Tisminetzky, will attend. Finally, 1,200 students have committed to the MemoriJove cycle, an achievement of unquestionable vividness.

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