Mayors of Tarragonès ask to convene a Council of Mayors in the County Council

Several mayors of Tarragonès have given their approval to ask the County Council to convene a Council of Mayors in order to address the problems they have detected in the management of the municipal waste collection service. At the forefront of this request is the mayor of Roda de Berà, Pere Virgili, who promoted the drafting of a letter requesting this body to convene the Consell.

The concession for the management of this service, in addition to the supramunicipal Deixalleria, came into force in May 2020 and for a period of 10 years. Since then, its operation has never been monitored, which, according to the mayor of Rodense, "has many shortcomings." Virgili explains that during these two years "I have asked, at the headquarters of the Consell d'Alcaldes, that an extraordinary council be held to analyze the future of the service, but it has never been done." As it has never been carried out and seeing the many shortcomings it has, Virgili chose to send a letter to the mayors of Tarragonès to ask the Regional Council to convene the Mayors' Council and address the issue.

To date, the petition has been signed by Creixell, El Catllar, Altafulla, in addition to the promoter, Roda de Berà. The Daily learned that Torredembarra also supported the initiative. In order for the Consell to be held, the signature of a third of the 17 mayors of the region is required. In fact, Virgili points out that “we have not yet sent the letter to the Regional Council because we are still collecting signatures. I am convinced that we will have a dozen. For their part, sources from the Consell Comarcal itself assured that they had not yet received the letter by registration but that, once they have it, if there is a minimum of municipalities that request it, as established by the regulations, the Consell d'Alcaldes will be summoned.

If it were to be held, a single point on the agenda would be stipulated in the Consell's call: "Make a study of the service provided by the concessionaire", clarifies Pere Virgili, in addition to "the creation of a monitoring commission that could resolve many of the problems that are brought to the Consell d'Alcaldes. We want to put the shortcomings of the service on the table and apply what is stipulated in the contract specifications.

The deficiencies detected

In the letter sent by the City Council of Roda de Berà, some services are detailed that the concession company is not carrying out or that is not being done as stipulated in the contract. Among them, Roda de Berà has detected a lack of vehicles, lack of cleanliness of the containers or a jump in the frequency of waste collection, among others. «We pay 95,000 euros a month for this service. It is almost close to 50% of the total contract, "says the mayor. "We could even discuss that the service is not provided and, hey, you lend it to me and I pay you."

The spark that made the Roda de Berà City Council fly was when, at the end of September, the self-employed and small businessmen were prohibited from accessing the supra-municipal Deixalleria without having been previously informed, neither to them nor to the town hall. This action breached the Service Management Regulations. Torredembarra also joined the complaint.

In less than 48 hours, the sign that prevented these users from entering the premises was removed and the normal operation of the service was re-established.

Among the complaints are

the lack of vehicles

or the little cleaning

of the containers

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