Mas Pellicer from Reus will protest against vandalism

"We want to put an end to the occupations of flats, that the lights or the bins do not break, that no one is afraid, and we no longer know what else to do," explains the president of the Associació de Veïns I de Maig, Eduardo Navas. The entity has summoned the residents of Mas Pellicer, but also those of Mas Abelló and Sant Josep Obrer, tomorrow Saturday in the school square at 11am.

"We are going to hold a rally to demand an end to incivility and vandalism in the neighborhood and its surroundings," says Navas, who calls on citizens to come to make visible that "something happens every day and we are already fed up, we can't take it anymore" , and «get solutions».

As the neighborhood leader points out, some recent events have precipitated the call for the protest. "Recently, the seats at the bus stop were destroyed, trash cans torn off, benches disassembled, streetlights broken, leaving the place in the dark...", says Navas, adding that "these days, they beat up the bus stop." owner of a bar that surely can no longer open it.

Events "happen every day, whether at night or not." Regarding the illegal occupations of homes, the president recalls that “the problem reached a peak at the time, the vacant apartments are over and they cannot enter more because there are none; They occupy those that remain empty because someone leaves ».

"We are very tired"

Although he is clear that "we need more surveillance and more police presence, that the Guàrdia Urbana is regularly here and that they intervene quickly when necessary", I de Maig considers that "it is the City Council that has to take charge of thinking of a way out of the What happens because we are also residents of Reus and this is a part of the city like the rest ».

The protest is against the consistory but also "against those who make the laws because they are not always useful." "We have reached an accumulation of fatigue in which we have chosen to go out into the street to see if we can achieve something that way," adds Navas.

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