LaLiga Genuine takes off again at its home, the Nou Estadi

LaLiga Genuine Santander 2022-2023 is here. The competition that brings out the most beautiful face of football celebrated its inauguration in a Nou Estadi with a brutal atmosphere. A promotion was not played, but the emotion that was breathed was very similar to that experienced in the greatest days that the grana fiefdom has in its memory. After all, Nàstic will always be able to boast of being the founder of this competition.

That medal will always shine brightly and that is why the Nou Estadi always dresses up to kick off this great event. That is why Javier Tebas always has good words for the grana entity and yesterday he was no exception. The president of LaLiga assured that "the first day is always here in Tarragona because Nàstic is the soul and the real creator of the competition and it is the home of LaLiga Genuine".

That is why he also wanted to make it clear that as long as he is president, Nàstic will always be in this competition, whether or not it is in LaLiga: «Nàstic is essential. We already decided from the first season that Tarragona will always be the inaugural venue as long as I am president and even if they are not in professional football for us it is as if they were.

Those words were spoken by Javier Tebas minutes before the start of the presentation. The act began with a loud applause for the volunteers of the competition and later the mascots of LaLiga and Port Aventura danced to the rhythm of a guest artist. From there began the presentation of the 44 teams that paraded through the Nou Estadi with the giant applause of the entire Tribune. There were no colors and all the teams walked with the anthem of their clubs playing in the background with special support for Nàstic, it was obvious, they play at home.

Once the 44 teams paraded, it was the turn of the volunteers who received their well-deserved ovation from the stands. “Volunteers, volunteers!” the players from the Tribune sang to them from the stands.

Once again it was the turn of the guest artist who encouraged the attendees with one of the songs that are played in the Port Aventura theme park. Then it was time for Josep Maria Andreu, president of Nàstic, to welcome us as host: «Thank you very much Javier Tebas for making this dream a reality and continuing to trust in Tarragona. We started with 13 teams and now we are 44 teams and this is the success of the illusion». Javier Tebas also spoke, repeating the words expressed to the press minutes before.

Both took a final family photo with the captains of the 44 participating teams. The ending could not be any other and it was the LaLiga Genuine haka that closed the presentation ceremony.

Nàstic debuts this Saturday

The matches of the first phase will be played between this Saturday and Sunday. Nàstic will make its debut on Saturday morning against Córdoba at 12:00 p.m., then it will play against Elche at 5:00 p.m. and will close the competition tomorrow against Málaga at 11:00 p.m. On the other hand, the other participating team from the province, Reus, will also debut at 11:00 a.m. against Cartagena. The second game will be against Granada starting at 6:00 p.m. and they will close the competition on Sunday against Elche starting at 11:00 a.m.

The competition matches will be played today and Sunday morning

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