La Tabacalera already has 213 parking spaces in the orange zone

to the area of Tabacalera and the Paseo de la Independencia in Tarragona They already have a total of 213 orange zone parking spacesas already informed by the City Council, which has added that they are already in operation.

On the one hand, the works to adapt the park and ride Tobaccolocated on Paseo Independencia, increase the number of places for cars to 135; the old facility had 64 places to which 71 more have been added.

to these squares they are added orange squares of the same promenade: 17 in the cordon, 34 in the battery and 27 more in the confluence area with Torres Jordi street. Of these seats, 17 son newly createdso that added to the new parking spaces, they make a total of 88 newly created dissuasive places. All this parking area is connected in the center with line 22 of the EMT.

one euro a day

The Speed of the car park is from the Orange Zone, 1 euro a day, and the weather of regulation is Monday to Saturday, except holidays, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.. The adaptation work, managed by the Tarragona Municipal Transport Company commissioned by the Mobility area of ​​the Tarragona City Council, has lasted three months divided into 4 phases.

In the first place, FECSA was in charge of burying the power lines at a cost of 15,734.55 euros; Next, the industrial buildings were demolished, an operation with a cost of 50,261.68 euros; Next, the work was carried out to adapt the land with an investment of 44,275.81 euros and, finally, the adaptation of the painting of the Paseo Independència and the interior of the Tabacalera car park was carried out with an expense of 4,192.90 euros. . All this, heThe Tabacalera dissuasive parking works have cost 114,464.90 euros.

Jordi Fortuny, president of the Tarragona Municipal Transport Company, highlights that "these investments are part of a city strategy to gradually achieve the challenge of more sustainable mobility in the urban area", and adds that "the offer of car parks at a very affordable daily price, at the entrances of the city, added to the interconnectivity with the urban bus network of Tarragona, promotes sustainable mobility habits that reduce urban road traffic, and incidentally, lower the CO₂ emissions, which benefits us all.”

For his part, Xavier Puig, Councilor for Mobility of Tarragona, remarks that "one of the mainstays of Tarragona's mobility strategy for the coming years is the strategy of creating many dissuasive parking spaces distributed throughout the city . In this case, the Centro-Ponent de Tabacalera car park is a strategic area of ​​the city, which means that cars arriving in Tarragona do not have to go inside and congest traffic", adding that "this car park is of interest to throughout the city, but it has a special impact on the surroundings of Torres Jordi and the Serrallo neighbourhood».

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