La Riba will invest 327,000 euros in a warehouse for the municipal brigade

A building to locate a municipal warehouse, parking and changing area for the members of the municipal brigade. This is the objective of the construction project of a building by the City Council of La Riba for the municipal brigade. This is the great work of this legislature, which has gone out to bid for 327,758.94 euros and the deadline for submitting offers ended on October 4.

In the municipal brigade of Riba there are currently three members. They do not have a physical space to be able to change, prepare lunch or be able to replace the time between shifts or the little time they have left during the festival days, when their presence at the end of the acts is almost constant during the day, without the need to travel home, especially if it is out of town.

They also need a place to leave private vehicles to travel to work, as well as for the City Council to have a place to leave the vehicle used by the brigade to transport and travel during working hours.

The site currently has no buildings. It has a single facade, on the street, since the rest are lateral and rear dividing walls.

Formerly, part of the site had had a building of which only a door and part of the wall of the street façade remain, as well as some remains of the dividing walls that serve as a fence. The only remaining partially built remains is a small buried plant from the old building.

Topographically, the site is flat although the Carretera street has an inclination in direction. The plot has all the basic urban services.

On the ground floor there will be the car park for the brigade's vehicles, as well as the stairs and elevator that give access to the rest of the floors. The basement floor will be used as a warehouse.

In the first there will be two changing rooms with services, a kitchen and space to eat as well as a small room, a bathroom and a corridor.

The three workers do not have a physical space to be able to change or prepare food

A yawn will allow access to the flat roof where the installations of four solar panels, both thermal and photovoltaic, for own consumption will be located.

The building occupies the entire site except for the part of the stairs, which leaves a small backyard that allows both the stairs and part of the warehouse to be ventilated. The rest is illuminated and ventilated by the main façade.

The forecast made by the mayor Josep Fort is to be able to award the works this year, although they will be finished in 2023, taking into account that the execution period is ten months

He comments that the site is used as a warehouse. The site was ceded by the owner as long as it was a municipal warehouse.

To facilitate execution and contracting, three lots have been proposed: construction of the building, including demolition; the installation of the elevator and the installation of the photovoltaic panels.

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