La Embutada will bring together 22 wineries to celebrate the new wine festival

Gastronomy and history go hand in hand in Tarragona thanks to the Embutada, the new wine festival that celebrates its sixth edition this autumn. From the 4th to the 6th of November, Tarragona will become, once again, the gateway for new wine in the province.

Up to 22 different wineries will participate in this sixth Embutada, which is organized by the Santa Teca association and will have Plaça del Rei as the epicenter of the activities throughout the weekend. The mayor of Tarragona, Pau Ricomà, assures that this initiative "places the city as the meeting point for novel wine", but also as a gateway, since the port of Tarragona "has exported wine from the area to different countries of the world".

The festival invites to recover the memory and the wine tradition, putting in value the funnel, which was not only used in Tarragona and in the municipalities of the region, but was also a common element in regions such as El Priorat or Baix Penedès. This funnel was shaped like an angle. At the wine arrival parties, this element was passed from client to client, from friend to friend, while the lower end of the tube was covered with the finger. Tradition has it that the last to finish, who ran out of wine, was the one who had to pay for the round.

Tarragona becomes for a weekend the cultural epicenter of new wine

As usual, this year there will be different tastings, but also gastronomic proposals in which some establishments in the city will participate, such as El Cortijo, Quidel, El Tamboret or La Clotxa.

Three days of activity and wine

In this edition there will be news, such as that the calendar is not limited to two days, but a third is added as a preview. On Friday 4, the film 'Revolució Líquida' by Clara Isamat will be screened in the church of Sant Miquel del Pla. The event will continue with a tasting of new wines. On Saturday the day will begin in the morning with a guided itinerary with historical recreation that will walk through some wineries that have already disappeared from the Part Alta. This visit will be carried out by Argos Serveis Culturals. Two human tower groups from the city will participate in it, specifically the Colla Jove Xiquets from Tarragona and the Xiquets from Tarragona. The spokesperson for Santa Teca, Berna Ríos, assures that, in the past, "this type of festival included human towers".

From 11 am to 8:30 pm, Plaça del Rei will host the exhibition of trades related to the world. Ríos points out that this edition will feature for the first time the trade of glazier, which joins that of latero and basket maker. Ríos regrets that, “so far, we have not found a boatman”, another of the traditional trades in the world of wine.

Plaça del Rei will also have live music, with a concert by Carles Belda, Sweet Soul Music and Miqui Puig DJ. The night activity will move to the church of Sant Miquel with more music, with concerts by Genís Bagès and Lenand. Sunday will continue with the exhibition of trades in the Plaça del Rei and the gastronomic tastings, although in this case all the activity will end at 4:00 p.m.

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