Juan Diego Botto revives the most unknown Lorca

«I think that a playwright, without realizing it, spends his life going around the same themes with different colors, textures and nuances. When I finished writing this play, I had the feeling that I had finally gotten out of the themes that have centered my theater. He left behind the themes of memory, dictatorships and the disappeared to talk about a completely different subject: Federico García Lorca”, says the actor Juan Diego Botto (Buenos Aires, 1975), author of the play a moonless nightthat this Friday (8:00 p.m.) will be performed at the Teatre Tarragona. The director is Sergio Peris-Mencheta.

Botto puts himself in the shoes of the poet from Granada to bring viewers closer to the lesser-known aspects of his life and work. The show includes interviews, talks, conferences and fragments of texts by Lorca. With irony and emotion, he recounts his time at the Student Residence, the criticism received by barrenhis experience in La Barraca, his relationship with the press, love affairs and the tension of recent years, as well as the need for artistic freedom, expression and finding sexual identity and also the importance of memory and roots.

«It was almost more than a year after finishing the piece when I realized that I had written a text about a man who was arrested, tortured, murdered and made to disappear at the risk of a dictatorship. He had written a text about a disappeared person », comments Botto, who performs the work alone.

«I trust –he adds– that the piece explains itself and I want to thank Sergio Peris-Mencheta for lending me his clear gaze to clarify the direction of the text, Cristina Rota for her sensitivity and generosity always, Olga Rodríguez for her incorruptible honesty, to Nur Levi for his infinite care and to Luis García Montero and Ian Gibson for letting me get closer to their works on the best playwright and poet of our 20th century».

Botto won the National Theater Award in 2021 for this work. The jury highlighted "his deep and permanent commitment to the scene as a vehicle for transmitting uncomfortable political and social realities and his ability to make them reach the general public through clear and simple language but loaded with poetry." And he highlighted "the enormous validity that Lorca's discourse has today."

On tour in Spain

a moonless night it began to take shape during the first arreónes of the pandemic. "On July 15, 2020 we rolled up our sleeves to carry out the feat of carrying out this piece by my companion in life and in art Juan Diego Botto," says Peris-Mencheta.

The show is on tour throughout Spain. From Tarragona it will go to cities like Vic, Ponferrada, Valladolid, Barcelona, ​​Santander or Palma de Mallorca. At the moment, it has announced dates until the end of January.

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