Josep Calavera, visit the field of his dreams

It's football. After his stage in the lower ranks of Nàstic, Josep Calavera began his football career outside of Tarragona. He went through Barça, Lleida Esportiu, Atlético de Madrid, Castellón, Deportivo de la Coruña and back to Castellón. But always with one eye on the Budallera. Attentive to everything that surrounds the club. Pending if ever, in the red offices, he gives them a look at that talented midfielder that emits Nàstic DNA on all four sides. «I have cried a lot for Nastic. Of sadness and happiness. Like the promotion to Segunda in 2015. My brother Jordi was on the squad, although he had been loaned to Olot, but at that time, at home we lived a lot with Nàstic », he says. Not even an ending as unfair as lackluster can prevent the 'nastiquer' feeling from being present in the entire conversation. His team is Castellón and he will defend his colors to the death. Against Nàstic and against all the rivals they play. But «playing in Tarragona is special. It is my house », he admits. So it will be this Saturday. A large part of the Calavera-Espinach family and their usual friends will be in the stands of the Nou Estadi Costa Daurada. 'Nastic' people, who with pity, will wish for a single afternoon that things did not end up going completely well for Nàstic. The heart and blood above all. "For them it will also be a special game," says the midfielder from Cabra del Camp.

This season he has returned to Castalia. Where she was happy. In his first stage at the Castellón club he spent only half a year, before signing for the Atlético de Madrid subsidiary. But go six months. He played all the games, taking the helm in the middle of the field and leaving a memory that as soon as he was within range again, Castellón did not hesitate to incorporate him.

The orellut board of directors did not care that last season, at Deportivo de la Coruña, they did not have much prominence. Having an entire institution in Riazor in front of him like Álex Bergantiños, another ex-grana, made his stay in Galicia difficult. But Josep Calavera does not take that year as lost. On the contrary, it was a maturity course: «If I am a better player this year it was because last season I learned a lot. I improved in quite a few aspects of the game. Obviously, I have a lot of margin, but I think it was a fruitful year in terms of maturity. He brought out the positive part of adversity. Outside in the individual part, the few minutes that he had, as in the collective with that promotion that escaped in Riazor against Albacete.

Back in Castellón, Cabra's midfielder is the undisputed starter and, like the rest of the team, he arrives at the match against Nàstic "in very good shape". The albinegros, leaders of group 2 of the First RFEF have not lost since the first day, when they fell against FC Barcelona Atlètic (3-2) and have since then added seven wins and three draws. “We are on a good run. The project is very good. He has signed very well and all the players are working very well. We are clear about what we are playing. I think we are a difficult rival, with a lot of confidence and that we feel strong, "explains the footballer.

CD Castellón has had two weeks to prepare for the confrontation against Nàstic. They do not play the Copa del Rey, so they have not competed since November 6. «You never know if it is good to stop, and more if you are in good dynamics, or not because you can rest. The coach said it. We have to have a good week of testing to be ready for Saturday. We can't relax. And less having to go to the Nou Estadi ». Josep Calavera, more than anyone, knows that "Nàstic is a tough opponent, especially at home, who likes to dominate the game and be the protagonists, who hasn't done things as badly as it may seem." For this reason, and because his Castellón is also going to compete in the clash, he expects "a very competitive match that will be decided by small details."

Josep Calavera is not a player with many goals. He has barely scored two in his entire professional soccer career. Curiously, the last one was this season, in the debut of the competition and against another of his former teams, Barça B. A goal that he celebrated. The same as could happen if this Saturday he scores against Nàstic. The man from Tarragona warns that "if I celebrate, the fans don't take it badly, it's because I don't usually score and I'm not used to celebrating, so I don't know how I'll react, I'm a player who lives games a lot, but I'll never do it to hurt anyone from Nàstic». Sooner or later, Josep will be able to do it without fear, with the shirt he always dreamed of wearing when he imagined himself playing at the Nou Estadi.

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