Josema, the birth of a hierarch in the Nàstic

Josema was judged ahead of time because in football there is always a rush. Context is almost never taken into account. The fan judges based on what he sees because he is passionate and believes that tomorrow does not wait. That is why the Madrid central defender was tried to put a rope around his neck for a preseason in which he left doubts typical of the summer. The players are not one hundred percent and they play the friendlies allowing themselves some licenses that disappear when the points are at stake. Sometimes this sport lacks empathy and the man from Madrid had to contemplate that panorama from the shadows. He made mistakes, yes, but not enough to glimpse a conviction. Luckily, the defender knew what this was about. So zero nerves, pure peace of mind.

The central defender had arrived at the Nou Estadi at the best moment of his career. He wrapped in maturity and after taking several steps forward since Alberto López came into his life. His coach at Linares made him a more than neat player with the ball at his feet. One of those central defenders that the ball doesn't burn. Able to drive and split or filter balls in a sea of ​​legs. Left-handed and lanky, he entered through the eyes. Kimpembe calls him Quintanilla already on his social networks. The truth is that his body gesture is very similar to that of the French central defender who plays for PSG.

The central defender has played with Trilles, Pol Domingo and Quintanilla in defense this season

However, the most important virtue of his game had not been shown yet because it was not the time for it. Josema is a hierarch. In Linares he was and in Tarragona these characteristics of his game are already being completed. The man from Madrid is a footballer who is attracted by challenges and pressure does not condemn him. That is why in preseason he was a player who took more time with the ball than necessary than what central defenders usually do. He is like that, he understands that time plays in his favor and if the play asks for one more second, he gives it to him. There he shows personality, but when he raises his voice and orders the defense he takes the leadership out of him and he has more than enough of that. He corrects his teammates, takes the line forward and these are aspects of the game that do not appear in the statistics, but add up to much more.

The first four days he had to live from the bench. Alex Quintanilla and Marc Trilles had been the defense that led Nàstic last year during a good phase of the season. A couple of central defenders who accumulated many games together and who played by heart. It was time to shut up and work. Wait in the shade because the years are very long and football and life always gives opportunities. What differentiates one from others is that there are those who take advantage of them.

Josema remained calm and on matchday five he struck. He had to make his debut against Amorebieta in a match in which Raül Agné was playing for the position. A high-pressure clash to debut. He made fun of her because her cover letter was only a prelude to their first grana matches. Five games have already passed since then and now the Madrid defender is the leader of the Tarragona rearguard. He has played with Quintanilla, Trilles and Pol Domingo at his side and he has not cared because he has always made his partner strong.

His irruption in the Nàstic has been such that the Trilles-Quintanilla binomial has split in half. He has earned being the starting center back. Now the question is the following: Does Josema play and...? Totally deserving. In case there were any doubts against SD Logroñés, they struck the final blow. Who knows if he scored the goal that could be a definitive turning point. What is clear is that he achieved a goal that saved his coach's head and flooded the grana project with stability. Nàstic is now looking closely at the playoffs again and has won a higher ranking. Week of smiles That's how football is. Everything changes.

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