Jail for the Constantí and El Morell gas station robber

The Mossos d'Esquadra of the Investigation Unit (UI) of Tarragona arrested a 42-year-old man last Saturday, November 19to Constantí (Tarragonès), as the alleged perpetrator of two crimes of robbery with intimidation and a theft of vehicle use. On the 17th, another 37-year-old man implicated in one of the two robberies was also arrested in Tarragona.

The police investigation began on October 29 as a result of the robbery with a firearm at a gas station in Constantí (Tarragonès). At 6:30 a.m., the thief knocked on the front door several times to gain access to the gas station store. Once inside, He approached the worker and exhibited a firearm to intimidate her and demand the collection of the box.

When he seized the loot, the robber quickly left the store where the second of the detainees with whom he fled on foot was waiting for him. The investigation reveals that the man who accompanied him was doing surveillance to control the surroundings of the gas station, for which the waiters arrested him in Tarragona on November 17. Likewise, the main person under investigation committed the second of the robberies on Friday the 18th in the afternoon at a commercial establishment in El Morell.

In this event, he used the same modus operandi to intimidate the worker and steal the collection from the cash register. She then fled in a vehicle that she had stolen with the keys placed the day before in the Mas Abelló neighborhood of Reus (Baix Camp).

Based on the information collected, the mossos were able to locate the stolen vehicle that was parked in Constantí the next morning. Faced with the possibility that the person being investigated was carrying a firearm, the Mossos d'Esquadra established a police operation that ended at around 6:15 p.m. with the arrest of the robber when he was about to open the stolen vehicle with the keys.

The first of the detainees went on Friday the 18th to judicial disposal before the Court on duty in Tarragona and the judge ordered his release with charges. On the other hand, the principal investigated went to court this Monday, the 21st, and the judge ordered his admission to prison.

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