"It's hard to get to Saturday"

Alex Quintanilla appeared in the press room at the Nou Estadi. The Basque defender is one of the authorized voices in the locker room and reviewed a week in which his coach, Raül Agné, played for his position against Numancia at the Nou Estadi.

doHow is the recovery going?

«I am following the recovery periods and within the plan I am doing quite well. Let's see if I can be available as soon as possible.

Does it arrive on Saturday?

"It's hard to get to Saturday."

complicated week

«In football there are weeks for everything. It is a challenge that we have to assume and a responsibility”.

party pressure

“It is a situation of pressure and need. We have faced situations like this before. Those of us who have a history have already experienced it in other places and it is part of football. We assume it and we have to move this forward ».

Differences from last year

“Football is not an equation, it is difficult to draw simple conclusions. There are many variables involved and in the end we have to focus on our reality. You have to lower your head and work and be constant.

Numancia, the rival

«Numancia is a team that wants to be at the top just like us and is made to compete for the top positions. He will come knowing that the situation here is complicated and wanting to sink his teeth.

Ultimatum to public Agné

“Although sometimes I don't know about that publicity, it is something that everyone knows many times. It is a common rule of football and here we have had similar situations other seasons.

win two games

«In football you live in the present for better and for worse. If we are able to win two consecutive games the situation will be very different. We had a similar speech last year in Sabadell».

Message to the fans

«We have to be united and continue paddling. We are very much in time to reverse the situation. We ask the fans for patience and unity. We are very aware of the situation."

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