It is only worth winning at Nàstic... and Agné

Raül Agné's path at Nàstic has never been a bed of roses. He came into question for a hobby that placed him in the center of the target even before the official announcement of him. He worked in the shadows, overcame moments of difficulty and in his first year he was only one game away from getting promotion to the Second Division. That wound was so strong that he did not contemplate anything other than trying again. Together hand in hand. Nàstic and Agné, Agné and Nàstic.

The start of his second year at the helm of the grana ship is not being easy. The team has started with a baggage of results as poor as unexpected. Because the squad has maintained the base of last year and has brought level pieces that were called to give it a leap in quality. For this reason, the Mequinenza coach decided to change his game philosophy to adapt to some new figures that he himself had requested.

Nàstic 2.0 intended to be a more offensive team, with a game proposal more protected by the association and who did not mind exposing themselves more in defense. Everything was on wet paper when in the first three days the victory was not known. In Calahorra they returned to the essence of last year and against Amorebieta it was confirmed. The grana team was once again that rocky team, which took few risks and felt comfortable in the context of insignificance.

The loss of the week in Eldense hurt a lot. Because the Grana team won 0-1 in the 87th minute of the game and even enjoyed a post to make it 0-2 and seal what would have been the second straight win of the season. However, fear entered the final stretch and the local team took advantage of it to turn the score around. Last year's Nàstic was practically impossible to score, this year's team barely needed five minutes to hit him twice in a row.

That is why the defeat in Alicante was so painful. Because he gave the feeling that that Nàstic of the past no longer exists and the one that was intended to make a difference in the present and in the future and take a step forward has not. Therefore, right now the Grana group is in no man's land. Closer to the fight for relegation than to the first places and with the obligation to beat Real Murcia to avoid decisions as firm as they are painful.

Andrei Lupu returns to the squad after overcoming the double fracture of his jaw

From the Tarragona entity they are clear that today it is only worth winning. Everything that is not that is not enough because time passes and the classification is opening a gap. In other words, everything that is not a victory against Murcia would lead to the dismissal of Raül Agné as coach of Nàstic, except for surprise.

For the match, the Mequinenza coach will bet on 4-4-2 again. The goal will be for Manu García and it seems that there will be no news in defense. Tirlea and Quintanilla in the right profile and Josema and Joan Oriol in the left profile. The Madrid center-back was one of the best against Eldense and if you add to that his good performance against Amorebieta, it can be said that he has overtaken Marc Trilles on the right.

In the double pivot it seems that the presence of Montes is assured, but there are more doubts with his companion. Gorostidi failed again in his starting role and Montalvo and Pedro Del Campo are the two options that win integers. The first has disappeared from the starting eleven in recent times, while the second played more as a midfielder against Eldense, but ended up playing at the base of the play that is in the area of ​​the game in which he feels more comfortable.

The right wing will be for Robert Simón and on the left there is also the option of Pedro Del Campo, although Bonilla, Escudero and Rey are other alternatives that point to more options. The left foot of the Spaniard usually grabs points and Raül Agné needs them more than ever.

Above is the news of Andrei Lupu who after training this week with the group returns to the list and could have his first minutes of the season after suffering a double jaw fracture in preseason that has kept him on the dam for a couple of months dry. Thus, Guillermo Fernández and Pablo Fernández aim to be the chosen ones in the offensive duo. The Spaniard made his debut against Eldense and wants to prolong his scoring streak. Agne needs it. He plays it.

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