"Innovation is a way of being and doing"

What are the origins of the company?

Talentea is a company that was born a year ago. Is a start up in which the three founders committed to the management of knowledge and people. We come from different backgrounds and decided to come together to create something new, helping companies manage the talent they have. The es help us in training, creating new profiles related to the sustainable digital transition. We help select and train these people, and opportunities in this new economy.

What does your innovative project consist of?

The company is innovative by itself, innovation is a way of being and doing. The project that we have submitted to the awards, for example, is a social innovation project related to equal opportunities, especially for women of a certain age. We want to enhance their capacity, train them in the new professions. Are hacker moms, and profiles are needed to do these tasks.

Why have they entered the contest?

It is a social innovation project, which is the soul of the company. We have our share of internal social innovation and this is a project that seeks to help learn about concepts such as block chain or cybersecurity, and new sustainability profiles. This award would be a boost for the project to move forward. In addition, we are a company that was born in the territory, and we believe that this is where we should start.

What does it mean for the company to be a finalist and possible winner of the award?

It is an honor, that they have selected us is a privilege, especially for those women whom we want to involve in the program. We are talking to companies in the technology field to help us provide content and move forward. The project is brewing. This allows women to enter this new economy, and the prize would be a boost in terms of communication and visibility. If we win, it will be a way of positioning ourselves, it will be seen that it is something possible, that it is being supported and recognized. The idea is to offer possibilities that are not obvious in a masculinized economy.

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