Income with Covid doubles in a week

"Be very careful, the Covid has not left." It is common to hear this phrase in the medical community these days. It is not only a strategy so that people do not give up, but it has become a true reality. So, at least, the numbers reflect it.

According to the figures offered by the Information System for the Surveillance of Infections in Catalonia (SIVIC), in a week some indicators have skyrocketed. The last count refers to the week of November 14 to 20 and, to break down these increases, the comparison will be made with the week that goes from November 7 to 13.


The figure that worries the most are the iHospital admissions of people with coronavirus. Y a week ago we were talking about 27 throughout the province of Tarragona, now They are half a hundred exactly. Of this fifty 39 people admitted are in centers attached to the Camp de Tarragona Health Region and the remaining 11 are in centers in Terres de l'Ebre. The increase has been 16 admissions in Camp de Tarragona and 3 in the Ebre. The figure has practically doubled, with which the hospital pressure is beginning to become important again.

positive cases

Another indicator that is also growing is that of people who, after taking a test, have turned out to be positive. In this sense, they have increased by a total of 79 in one week, going from 482 to 561. The majority are in the Camp de Tarragona (438, compared to 387 the week before), while in Terres de l'Ebre there are 123 (95 the week before).

One dead, zero ICU

Currently, according to the Department of Health of the Generalitat, there are no no one with Covid admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). yes it has had to mourn a death the last week, in the Camp de Tarragona.

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