“If the elections to the FCF have to be repeated, I will win again”

Why is it in Tarragona?

I am making direct and personalized contacts with club presidents. Today I will do between eight and nine. It is good to have this type of contact to find out what they need, what problems they have. This type of contact is better than the typical assembly with 30 or 40 clubs. I promised in the electoral campaign that I would travel throughout the territory and that is what I have begun to do. After the New Year, when the matter of the Elections is clarified, we will hold the ordinary assemblies. Now it seems that there are some gentlemen who say that the elections have not been legal. I can assure you that they have been the most legal in the last 12 years. We knew it could end like this.

What is the main concern of the Tarragona clubs?

Generate enough income to survive. Times are complicated and for the smaller clubs, which are the ones I have met with, even more so. They have also thanked me for the change within the Tarragona delegation. Now they have a closer relationship and when they have a problem they manage it quickly. Even if it's in Barcelona. It is not enough to say: "Go to Barcelona and they will take him there", it must be solved by the delegation, which is what it is there for. Until now there was what there was.

What was there?

A secretary and a president of the Delegation who took the work off themselves and sent all the clubs to Barcelona at the minimum. The delegation is the one that has to solve the problems of the Tarragona clubs and not send them to Barcelona. The clubs with whom I have spoken tell me that now the procedures are much faster and more direct. We have not done anything that is new, but what should always be.

At what point do you lose confidence in the previous delegate?

There is no loss of confidence. It is he who a month before the elections tells me that he is leaving, because he wanted to dedicate himself to politics. However, today I have been told that in the end he is not going as the head of the list of the Socialists in Roda de Berà. Then I see that he is campaigning for another candidate. It was a premeditated and prepared subject.

Were there irregularities in the elections to the Catalan Federation last May?

On the part of our candidacy, no. As for them, I don't know. For our part, if there has been anything, one, it will be a failure. Which can be done by anyone. Another thing is that there had been 40 or 50. That would be nerve to repeat the elections. The three candidates may have committed one or two irregularities. But I understand that they are mistakes. They have been clean elections and very well managed by the Electoral Board. Like for example the subject of the auditors.

Do they complain that they did not let intervenors from other candidacies enter?

Lie. There was an inspector from each candidacy at each table where the elections were held. What could not be allowed was that there were four or five per candidacy. It would have been the Corral de la Pacheca. I think the Electoral Board acted with good judgment and limited one person inside the room. This is not prohibiting. Mine too.

In Tortosa and Vandellós were there two complaints for alleged irregularities?

There were two complaints, but they corresponded to the Electoral Board. Neither to my candidacy, nor to that of any other candidate. The Board decided what it had to do after speaking with the Mossos d'Esquadra. I can file complaints in each election in which I participate. Just like contesting the elections. It is a precedent that can give rise to its repetition in all the elections that take place in Catalonia. All they say is that there has been cheating. Nothing has been proven so far. Neither the Mossos have raised a special investigation. If the Court admits to proceeding, these complaints get into a garden that I don't know if they will be able to get out. If admitted for processing, everyone will be able to challenge any type of election. I believe that all this is simply the tantrum of those who do not know how to lose. There have been some elections and whoever has won has won. If I had lost, I would have greeted the winner and gone home. But it seems that I could not win. They congratulated me, although later they denounced me.

Aren't you worried that the Court decides to repeat the elections?

Not a concern. Really. It would be a complete inconsistency. But if they have to be repeated, let them be repeated. I will win again. Of course, we will exhaust all legal channels. And if we have to repeat them, we will do it. But it won't be tomorrow, nor a year from now. What worries me are the alleged manipulations and interference in the Catalan Court of Sport. It's very serious. We have heard it in some audios in which Juanjo Isern is heard, colluding with Talavera, to manipulate the TCE through members of the Government of the Generalitat itself.

Do you think that the actions carried out by the TCE in relation to the contestation of the elections are due to alleged pressure?

I think that is one of the main reasons that they have been admitted for processing. There has even been interference from a policy and everything. The ECA will know why it has admitted something that should not have been admitted. I have already denounced in the Prosecutor's Office that it must investigate the members of the Court. Right now he is not reliable and cannot have the confidence of the Catalans. If there is a person who publicly says that he has manipulated the TCE through senior government officials.

Is it a political issue?

No, but there have been political influences that should put Juanjo Isern in quarantine.

But he is not part of the contestation of the elections?

Isern is the partner that Alex Talavera has, because it seems that if the elections are repeated they want to get together. Which I don't know if it will be possible. Perhaps only the votes have to be repeated and not the entire process. Isern says in the audios that he has spoken with Talavera to go to one. Supported by Josep Vives, Jordi Terés, Manel Duran and Paquita Linares, who have sued her for having collected amounts from the Federation that did not correspond to her. These are the people who support Talavera and who want to get together with Isern to win over me. Let them do it well, because they won't beat me.

Are you worried about the image of the FCF?

No. The FCF. Those who have put together this racket are outside the FCF. Let's not confuse. Those who are giving this bad image to the FCF are those who want to assault it by force.

Tell me about the Catalan Super League?

The future of Catalan football passes through the Superliga. After Covid-19, the Primera Catalana, above all, has had many problems with clubs that have not dropped. We have gone from two to three clubs. We have to go back to the beginning. Next season they would end up dropping between 5 and 7 clubs per group. That would drag the Second Catalan with a horrific number of relegations. We have to eat the non-reductions of these last two years. We preferred that instead there be promotions. Only one club per group will be relegated and we reward the second to sixth that will go up to the Superliga. It will be a good category. That will have a lot of visibility. It is a Third Division. The clubs will have a new subsidy to cover the costs of travel throughout Catalonia. They will be more than compensated. We don't know the amount yet, but don't worry because you'll end up happy.

Let me finish by asking you, as president of the First RFEF, how are relations with Nàstic after the resignation of president Andreu due to arbitration in the Vigo play-off?

I don't have a bad relationship with the president of Nàstic, Josep Maria Andreu. That does not mean that I am upset by a series of acts that occurred in the field of Celta de Vigo last year. I am neither the coach, nor the one who whistles, nor the one who scores the goals. It seemed that he was to blame for everything. It was a smoke screen to avoid talking about other things. I was in Vigo and Nàstic didn't shoot on goal even once in the whole game. I was treated very badly. Not by the president, but by other people. I had unfair and demeaning treatment. From here on, Nàstic continues to be a Catalan club, I still have sympathy for the club, and I want the best for it.

Are you hopeful that relations will resume?

For my part there is no problem. I have a very good relationship with the CEO, Lluís Fàbregas, and I had it, I guess I still have it, with the president. He is free to resign or not from the Spanish Federation. I was the one who recommended him to join the RFEF Board of Directors. I would like to keep the friendship. I haven't done anything to him, even though at the time they thought he was responsible for not moving up a category. This is soccer.

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