“I went into shock and ran away. It was a new situation for me."

The statement today of the man accused of having run over two cyclists in Vilabella in 2016 – one of them died and his partner was seriously injured – provided his version yesterday during the trial that is being carried out in the Criminal Court 4 of Tarragona.

It did not change the version given from the beginning. He assured that he deviated from his path because he crossed paths with a black animal, a version that was not corroborated by the Mossos.

Today he only answered the questions of his lawyer and assured that, despite only having a Colombian driver's license, he could get behind the wheel in Spain.

This contradicts the conformity sentence issued on January 18, 2018 by a Court of El Vendrell, when it settled for a fine of 960 euros. With the agreement he reached with the prosecutor, he recognized that he did not have a license – he got it in August 2020 after more than ten attempts.

The tragic accident occurred around a quarter past one in the afternoon of December 12, 2016 when the two cyclists – who were a couple and lived together – were returning from Santes Creus to their home in Tarragona. Upon reaching kilometer 19, in the municipality of Vilabella, in the opposite direction, the defendant was driving a car.

He assured, contrary to what was stated by the surviving cyclist, that he was going at a maximum of 80 km/h – the section is limited to 90–. “I saw a black animal go through, I turned the wheel to the left, then to the right” and she hit the cyclists.

"I don't know why the car turned, maybe it was due to deceleration," he said. “I saw the cyclists at all times. They went online."

Regarding his escape from the scene, he stated that “I went into a state of shock. It was a new situation for me. At this time I was afraid of the situation. He was arrested in Vilabella, precisely by the same sergeant who arrested a driver who last Saturday ran over two cyclists in Montferri

When asked by his lawyer, he said that he did have a Colombian license, so he could drive four-wheel vehicles and a motorcycle.

During yesterday's trial session, a witness testified that he stopped to help the cyclists, although he did not see the collision. He was with a friend and both shared between the two victims.

He assured that the woman who died, Marta, was still alive: «He tried to talk to me. Then a boy appeared, who said he was from Madrid's Samur, and began resuscitation.

And he assured again, to questions from the prosecution, that he is sure that at first "he was breathing." This witness stated that he found the license plate of the responsible vehicle, data that two hours later allowed the arrest of the person responsible for the accident, who is being prosecuted today.

"I took it for granted that I had a license"

The owner of the vehicle and partner at the time of the defendant also took the stand. She «she told me that she was going to wash the car in Vilafortuny», where they lived.

He added that the defendant punctually took his car, "I took it for granted that he had a license." Regarding the explanation that he gave after the accident, after being released, he said that "I saw a friend in the area, that an animal came out and he lost control."

the owner of the vehicle

he left it to the defendant "because he told me he was going to wash it in Vilafortuny"

Another witness who testified yesterday also stated that the two cyclists were a couple and lived together, just as the people who testified the day before had said.

It was also the turn of the two medical examiners. One of them performed an autopsy on the fatal victim, who died of "internal bleeding." She said it was difficult to determine if it was an immediate death or if it took a few seconds or a minute. What is clear to him is that the wounds were fatal by necessity, with very significant trauma.

One of the hardest moments of yesterday's oral hearing was listening to the audio of the calls to 112 to warn of the accident.

Expressions such as “don't be late, please”, “a –Marta– is very seriously ill”, “she is not conscious” or “don't be late because I don't know if you will arrive” on time were some of the phrases heard, made both by Lidia herself –the woman who was seriously injured– as well as by other witnesses.

The miseries

The accusations have today elevated the initially requested sentences to definitive. The prosecutor requests four years in prison for the crime of homicide due to serious recklessness and injuries due to serious recklessness. And four more for a crime of omission of the duty of relief.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for the family of the deceased, Isaac González, asks for five years for the first crime and four for the second.

For his part, Lidia's lawyer, the woman who was injured, requests the same sentence as the prosecutor. But the two private accusations add half a year in jail for driving without a license.

Finally, the defense attorney, Ramon Martínez, requests the acquittal.

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