"I received a very strong blow and a cut on the neck"

The trial against six accused of a crime of murder during a robbery with violence in a farmhouse in Masllorenç in 2019 has continued this Tuesday in the Court of Tarragona with the statement of one of the victims. Its about man who lived with his father in the raided homewhere he grew marijuana plants. The witness has claimed that received a "very strong" blow in the head that caused him pblack out and that they did a neck cut. Likewise, he has explained that the assailants also they beat his fatherwhich died months later. In the third session, the son of one of the defendants, who has already been convicted of the facts, has also declared, who has recognized that he hit the victim with a kickstand.

In his statement, the victim explained that both he and his father were asleep when they entered his homeknown as Mas Artesà. The man has related that he felt like his father shouted from the dining room and that when he arrived started fighting with a man. He then explained that another individual gave him a "very strong" blow to the head with a tool that caused the loss of consciousness. According to him, an agent of the Mossos d'Esquadra told him that he had been hit with a kickstand, but, he stressed, that he did not see the instrument. After regaining consciousness, he details him, he realized that he was full of blood and that they had cut his neck with a knife.

The witness has also stated that his father was found on the floor covered in blood and that he placed him on top of a mattress. The man has assured that he only had time to call your mother to whom he informed that there was a lot of blood as a result of the robbery and asked him to notify the police. "Then I lost consciousness again and didn't regain it until the ambulance. A surgeon explained to me that he had gone two millimeters and five minutes"Added the victim.

At the same time, he has stated that He had been growing marijuana for three years. and that he had few plants on the farm. In fact, he has said that the drug what they took was poor quality and that he did not see how they took her away. She has also indicated that she did not identify the assailants because they were wearing ski masks and because the house was dark. Both the witness and his father were hospitalized for a few days after the attack. Three months later, in May 2019, the man's condition worsened and he died as a result of a head injury. with bilateral subdural hematomas.

«I hit him with the kickstand to defend myself»

On the third day of this trial, with a popular jury, he has also declaredas a witness, the son of one of the defendantswho participated in the robbery when he was a minor. The young man, who is currently nineteen years old, has already been convicted of the facts and serving a sentence in a juvenile facility. He has assured that all the defendants freely participated in the assault and that he and another member knew that there were drugs in the farmhouse. Despite the fact that he has confessed that he knew that the house was inhabited, he has indicated that at the time of the robbery they didn't know their owners were inside.

The witness has confessed that he carried a knife and a kickstand when he entered the home and that there was an older man sleeping. According to the young man, two of the defendants stayed in the dining room with this man and he helped another member of the group, since he was fighting with the other resident. «He was getting punched and I tried to help him, then he went against me –referring to the victim-. I hit him with the kickstand to defend myself », he has justified.

The young man has also explained that they managed to find the marijuana and that they took a box. They peeled it at the home of one of the defendants and after a couple of days he kept it to sell it. «I sold to a Moroccan to whom I owed moneyI don't remember exactly, but I must have won some 1,000 euros», he pointed out. In addition, he has acknowledged that the person who sold him the drug did not put "any problem" regarding the quality of the marijuana. He has also admitted that he kept all the money from the sale and that he did not distribute itas they had agreed with the rest of the band: “I am very greedy and I kept everything”.

Petitions for more than 40 years in prison

On the day of this Tuesday, several witnesses have testified as the dead man's wifeShe has reported that her son called her to let her know that they had broken into the farmhouse. She has explained that when she arrived at the house, accompanied by the Mossos, there were already ambulances. "I found my husband in it and there was a lot of blood, I stayed by his side and then the three of us went with the ambulance"has said. The trial began last week and is expected to last until mid-December. The statements of the rest of the defendants will be made on November 30.

the ministry fiscal considers that the facts constitute a crime of murder, a crime of attempted murder, a robbery with violence in an inhabited house, another against public health, and a criminal group crime. That's why, asks for 44 years in prison for the man who promoted the assault, to whom he attributes all the crimes, and 43 years for the same crimes by the other four members of the group. He also requests a sentence of two years in prison for one of the defendants for a crime against public health. Instead, the defense lawyers ask for the acquittal of their representatives.

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