“I only have 20 euros to spend half the month”

According to recent data from the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat) and the Taula del Tercer Sector, one in four Catalans – 26% – is in a situation of poverty, that is 1,957,000 people. Of these, 691,000 people suffer from severe poverty. One of them is Gloria, an 80-year-old from Tarragona who once a month goes to the Església de Sant Joan Baptista in Tarragona, where every Tuesday Cáritas Interparroquial distributes bags with food.

"I have the minimum pension, 715, and I'm paying a rent of 550. I can't, I only have 20 euros left to spend the rest of the month," Gloria lamented this Tuesday as she left the parish. The woman herself lives with her daughter, who hasn't found a job for years: "Now she's taking a Tarragona Impulsa course and let's see if anything comes out of it."

Gloria goes once a month to the Església de Sant Joan Baptista referred by social services, but although she takes a car and two bags full of food, she does not have enough to eat for the whole month, so she also goes to the Taula Amiga soup kitchen , located on Cardenal Cervantes street. Inflation has worsened the situation of the old woman, who pointed out that “the landlady has raised my rent by 15 euros and has also raised my electricity bill, which I pay separately. Last month it cost me 110 euros.

Gloria's goal is to find a social rental apartment, "even if it is paying 300 euros," she claimed, and highlighted the "good service" of entities such as Cáritas Interparroquial. She also appreciated her work Alan, a Honduran who arrived in Barcelona three years ago with his partner and who landed in Tarragona in 2020. They have a seven year old daughter and a one year and three month old son.

Although they were left out of the Red Cross asylum program, with the social worker Alan he managed to receive food from Caritas Interparroquial up to three times. This Tuesday she was picking up her second batch, and in November she will go for the last one. From there, she must continue looking for life. "We have a little help from the Generalitat, but the cost of living is very high today and it does not give us enough to live on," lamented Alan, who assures that both he and his wife are actively looking for work.

"We live in a small studio with no rooms for which we pay 400 euros, but at least we have a roof under which we can sleep," Alan maintained, who on the other hand assured that "the last electricity bill cost me 150 euros, plus the 50 of water».

With the food that was brought on Tuesday, the four members have to eat for two weeks, "a lot of stretching." "The truth is that I can't complain, I take advantage of everything they give me," she concluded.

The price crisis has worsened the situation of poverty in which many people live

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