"I never try to put on a bad face"

Javier 'Cuco' Bonilla (Soria, 32 years old) lives his fourth season. Perhaps the most difficult of his grana stage. He has only started one of the 12 league games, but his goalscoring talent has not suffered. He adds two goals. The latter gave the three points against the leader, Castellón. Whatever happens, he keeps smiling. "Get mad? Impossible".

Cuco, Cuquino, Javi, Boni... What should we call him?

As you want (laughs).

Where do all these names come from?

From 'The one that is coming'. With a friend we always played like Amador (one of the characters) and we called each other: "Hey, Cuquino." And from there, everyone.

Whether Cuco, Cuquino, Boni or Javi, he is always among the top scorers in the squad.

Luckily, I try to make the most of the minutes that the coach gives me. Due to my characteristics and playing a little higher up, it is easier to score goals.

Put humility aside. Is there a better free kick taker in the category than Javier Bonilla?

No (laughs). Seriously, one of my traits is hitting. I do consider myself good at that and I try to make the most of it.

Tell me someone who can be better?

With his left foot, for example, Salva Ruiz, from Castellón, who hits it very well. Sure there are more.

Is it the most complicated year that you are experiencing in Tarragona?

When it comes to having minutes, yes. It is the year that I have played the least.

How do you manage it?

Everyone wants to play, but I can't get frustrated or be bad. It wouldn't do me any good. I train to the maximum and try to take advantage of the minutes that the coach gives me on the field. From there, I can not do more. I can't decide how many minutes I have to play, whether to start or not.

Has the way of assuming substitution changed with age?

I carry it in the best possible way. I never try to put on a bad face. It would be disrespectful to teammates who have played less than me. You have to work your hardest to get those minutes. The coach decides and we just have to help the team from the field that each one of us has to be. Winning is the good of the team.

Is being unfair to you in the distribution of minutes?

It could be. I think, not for me, in general, that anyone who gives their all, goes out on the field and does well deserves more. It's not up to me. If it were up to me, I would always start.

Midfielder, winger, winger, how should I classify him?

Of everything. With the current coach's system, I play more extreme. But sometimes I have also left a midfielder. Whenever you need me, you have me. I don't care about the position.

He grew up extreme.

Before there were purer extremes, facing and dribbling. Now there are not so many, but when Machín put me on the wing at Numancia it was because I was not one to face, but to get more inside. Then he told me that it would be difficult for me to have a place at the end and he delayed me. I was very comfortable as a defender and I stayed there.

Until Toni Seligrat gave him the push to go up a step.

Yes, and right now I prefer to play higher than on the wing. That if I have to go out on the side, I will do it.


I feel more comfortable in more advanced positions. You defend the same, but it is not the same. I suffer more from the side because I have gotten used to something else. I get to the area more and it's what I like the most.

What stress with only 14 days played. Have you also lived this time with so much tension inside?

No. We always try to carry it normally. Everything is based on results. When things are not going well for you, it seems that things are not going well. It is not like this. We have followed the same line. Now the results come to our face and we have to take advantage to get closer to the leader.

He has been at Nàstic for many years. Isn't this up-and-down situation with the pressure to win new?

It is very difficult to win 30 games out of 38. Only Barça or Madrid did it in the best of times. Not now. It is normal for the fan to always want the team to win. But it is a game and the rival also tries to win. If you do things well, by squad, it is normal that you are closer to winning, because you have the best squad in the category. But it is a game and everything is details. The other day, Castellón had many chances and they didn't score a goal. We have two accounts and we put them in. It is a game of mistakes and whoever makes the least or knows how to take advantage of the ones that the rival takes the victory.

Is it the best squad you've ever played with?

It could be one of the best. In Mallorca there was better, in general. We were far superior to the rest. From the first minute of the first day to the play-off. In this one, I get the feeling that in all or almost all of the games, you can play better or worse, but we feel like winners.

Maybe that's what everyone is waiting for, to trample?

That is very difficult. Win so many matches. In football everything is equal. There are more videos, physical preparation, etc. Everything is more professionalized and equal. Look at Saudi Arabia or Japan at the World Cup. You can be much superior, but in two blows they get ahead of you and then coming back is very difficult.

How did you live Balaidos?

Fucking. Look, the week before we had a good time. But it was because of how it happened. If Villarreal B beat you because they are much superior, shake their hands and that's it. But it was not like that.

Is the hero of that match for Villarreal B in the World Cup, Nicolás Jackson?

And many in the First Division. I had a great team, but that day we did things very well, to climb. They didn't let us.

I always see him smiling, is it hard for me to imagine him angry?

Impossible. It is very difficult. I do not know that. Any. With the things in the world to get angry here. I may feel bad that he doesn't play, of course. But not bad milk. Always try to help.

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