«I keep the victory and the how»

Raül Agné was very happy with the victory against Murcia. He saved his possible resignation and another life that he will have on the grana bench.

glad of victory

«I am very happy with the victory, but above all with how. We have made an hour of spectacular game. We are aware that to improve you have to have personality and today is the team we want to be. We played the best game of the season."

Victory with good game

«On the day of Amorebieta we got the victory, but we only keep the result. Today we are left with the victory and with how».

Aaron King praised

«Aarón Rey is one of the best players in the category. You have to know how to wear it and today we have seen what we can see of it ».

demand in the climate

“We know where we are and the demand. Here there is pressure and the climates that are generated are normal. We were clear that if we wanted to change the bad times, we had to be us from the field.

Thresh Injury

"Trilles has a sprained ankle, but not very important."

good team pressure

“Today the best thing we have done is press. This is what I wanted. I want this and this is what I liked the most and this will lead you to have more chances to score."

Montalvo praised

«Marc Montalvo played today like a 30-year-old man. He has many numbers to be a very good professional. He has a brutal maturity and knows that he has to improve ».

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