"I have some audios of Soteras threatening me"

For 17 years, Josep Vives carried out his role as delegate of the Catalan Football Federation (FCF) in Tarragona. In March, shortly before the federation elections, he decided to resign. After criticism from President Soteras in the Diari and the situation of territorial football, he has decided to back down and try to return.

Did President Joan Soteras accuse you of laziness when you were a delegate in Tarragona?

I have been a Tarragona delegate for 17 years. Winning election after election. In the last ones, I was not on any list, but I dedicated myself to helping Rafael Pinedo, who was on Álex Talavera's candidacy, and was the one that won in Tarragona. Soteras did not win here. If I had done my job wrong, the clubs would no longer trust me.

Why did you resign?

First because I wanted to do other things and then because there were things I didn't like.

As which?

Tarragona, as a province, had lost specific weight in the federation and the will of the clubs was not being heard. The delegation that I have met has always provided magnificent service. I think they're not doing it now. That's what the clubs tell me. Some have players who do not play many weekends because their medical check-up has not been validated, the base football calendars have been posted late, the demands for matches have not been respected, etc.

Would you like to return to being a delegate?

At first I had no intention, now, absolutely yes. I will be back.

Do you think the elections will be repeated?

I think so. In the interview that he offered to the 'Diari' at no time did he deny that there were irregularities, he said that they were 'mistakes', as long as they were not 40 or 50. Well, this week we have seen that in the allegations presented by Àlex Talavera to the Catalan Court of l'Esport 83 'irregularities' have been detected.

“I have audios of Soteras threatening me”

Has the Delegation of Tarragona experienced a real remodeling, do you think it has been a witch hunt?

Yes. All changes are a witch hunt. But it has not been only in Tarragona that 14 people have been fired throughout Catalonia. I have little to say about him. Very soon, when the lawyers allow me, some recorded audios of him with threats will come to light.

As a former delegate, how do you see the relationship between Nàstic and FCF?

What happened in Vigo was very serious. The president of the FCF, who is also the president of the First RFEF, was never on the side of the club he represents. He made some very unfortunate statements. Nàstic is the most important team in the province and deserves the support of the federation. The people of Nàstic and the club made a tremendous effort to travel to Vigo for two weekends to be teased in the final against Villarreal B. It is football and these situations happen, but the president of the FCF had to have done a firm defense of Nàstic and present a claim before the Technical Committee of Referees and the RFEF.

Why do you think it was not done?

Because it doesn't matter if white or black. It is only necessary to ask Nàstic how many games Mr. Soteras has come to since he became president of the FCF.

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